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Texas-sized gormandizers rejoice at Bonnell's BC

Texas-sized gormandizers rejoice at Bonnell's BC

By Al Robbins
The Daily Magi
October 28, 2036

Bonnell's BC is a Texas steakhouse that operates in Mitakihara Town and is the Canadian branch of the Bonnell's Restaurant located in Fort Worth. The owner of the restaurant, Jon Bonnell III, is the grandson of the former owner of both restaurants, the late Jon Bonnell Sr. The menus of both restaurants are identical, except for the fact that the ingredients are localized.

"I sometimes wonder why the food here in Canada tastes a lot fresher and cleaner and richer," said Bonnell III, who graduated from Mitakihara University in 2029 with a degree in Culinary Arts. His father, Jon Bonnell Jr., owns the restaurant in Fort Worth. "But it's a blessing and draws a lot of people to our restaurant. Every day, the tables are full and reservation have to be made weeks, even months in advance."

Bonnell III's wife, Shiori Alvarez, is an assistant chef at Bonnell's BC and is not only a Madoka alum but also the daughter of famous mahjong teacher Kuro Matsumi. "Shiori's a wonderful wife and she loves cooking wagyu for the masses," Bonnell III said. "She got that energetic, confident spark from her mother, and her ladylike charm makes her very well known in the city.

"We serve steak, chicken, quail, venison, oysters, crab, lobster and even wild boar. We don't have to import our ingredients from Texas because our province is our grocery. Here in British Columbia, we get the best of everything. We get superior quality at an affordable value. And the fish, in particular, come from sustainable aquaculture farms maintained by Mitakihara students and alumni.

"Bonnell's BC has been in existence for the past five years and we've earned many award by local, national and international organizations for the quality of our dishes. And building on that, we always look for new ways to impress our faithful patrons."

As someone born and raised in Fort Worth, Bonnell III has a soft side for TCU, the opponent that Mitakihara will face this week.

"I graduated from TCU with an MBA and I'm kinda torn between which school I should support for," Bonnell III said. "I think TCU are a great team, but I think the Magi have that killer instinct that the Horned Frogs lack."

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