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The mystery behind Shizuno Takakamo's track jacket

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The mystery behind Shizuno Takakamo's track jacket

November 18, 2020

Weekly Report Posted: September 01, 2012 22:20 

Whenever Mitakihara Magi special team coach Shizuno Takakamo is preparing for another work day, she applies plenty of lotion and perfume, ties her hair back...and wears her specially-issued track jacket.
And the interesting thing about it: she isn't wearing anything underneath. No bra, no panties, nothing. Just the jacket.
"Believe it or not, this track jacket may seem light, but it's incredibly warm," Takakamo said after putting on her jacket and bringing her duffel bag of supplies. "It's so warm that I don't need to wear anything else."
Takakamo has drawn a lot of attention and some criticism for wearing very little clothing. However, punter Soon-Hee Boo, who has been known to receive some "special treatment" from Takakamo, was quick to her defense.
"I think people need to realize that she is one of the best special teams coaches out there," Boo said. "Plus, the way she deals her special treatment is amazing! I can boot the ball 15 yards farther. So people need to stop bagging on Coach Shizuno just because she only wears a track jacket."

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At Hakurei Centre, around campus, at her office...Takakamo is just seen wearing her track jacket and nothing else.
"She's kind of weird not wearing at least some underwear," said Annie Knox, a sophomore biology major from Tennessee. "As if she's some undercover pervert or something."
"That's kinda cool: knowing that when you're on the sidelines, you're just wearing that," added Mick Dukakis, a junior kinesiology major from suburban Dallas. "The fact that she doesn't get cold wearing just that is even more amazing."
Even in the rain, Takakamo is seen wearing only her jacket. When she bends over, the male students start to whistle. "DAT ASS!" the boys cry lustily. Takakano winks and blows a kiss, and the boys faint on cue.
That's part of the mystique behind Shizuno Takakamo: willing to go commando and never having any regrets.
"I think there would be severe repercussions if Coach Shizuno could not wear what she wants to," said kicker Dong Dong, another player who has received the coach's special treatment package. "I am convinced that her track jacket has magical powers and it's rubbing off on us. So I hope she continues to wear it."

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