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The mystique of Arkansas State's mascots

The mystique of Arkansas State's mascots

October 14, 2030

Weekly Report Posted: December 20, 2012 03:47

In 2003, Arkansas State University decided to make a new mascot, named 'Red', created by ASU’s Director of Athletic Marketing Andrea Scott.

“The spirit character began as a project to design a character that looks friendly, is unique, and is not an animal,” Andrea said. “I was looking for something out of the ordinary that’s presence could elevate spirit at ball games.”

“Red absolutely will not replace Arkansas State’s official mascot, the Indian Family,” said Dr. Dean Lee, ASU Director of Athletics.

“Red was named because that was how he was perceived by the marketing analysis and research groups, which were children and youth,” said Dr. Dean Lee, ASU’s Athletic Director.

He has won many awards, such as: 2004 – Universal Cheerleader Association – won 3rd place as “best mascot”
2005 – Universal Cheerleader Association – won “best mascot”
2005 – University Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship – won 6th place
2006 – Universal Cheerleader Association – won “best mascot”
2006 – College National Mascot Championship – won 2nd place Lost only to Auburns "Aubie", and beat Michigan State University's “Sparty”, University of Delaware's “YoUDee”, University of Minnesota's “Goldy Gopher”, University of Kentucky's “Wildcat”, University of Tennessee's “Smoky”, University of Iowa's “Herky the Hawk”, University of Alabama's “Big Al”, University of Wisconsin's “Bucky Badger”.
2006 – Southern Living magazine – All-South football section
2007 – College National Mascot Championship – won 4th place He won over Tennessee's "Smokey", Colorado's "Chip", Delaware's "YoUDee", Alabama's "Big AL", Louisiana State's "Mike the Tiger", and Northern Iowa's "TC".

The panel selecting the new nickname first narrowed the list down to twelve finalists: A's, Black Wolves, Red Wolves, Diamonds, Express, Mallards, Mustangs, Red Dragons, Red Storm, Ridge Runners, Ridge Riders and Thunderbirds. A meeting was held on December 3, 2007 to review the list, which was narrowed in January 2008 to Red Wolves, Ridge Riders or Express Train.

On January 31, 2008, Arkansas State University’s Mascot Selection Steering Committee decided to use the Wolves as a mascot. Arkansas State officially retired the Indian mascot on February 28, 2008 during the last home basketball game of the season.

The Roll-Out Ceremony for the new Red Wolves logo was held on March 13.

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