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The mystique of KAFA-FM

The mystique of KAFA-FM

September 8, 2031

Weekly Report Posted: December 24, 2012 02:17

KAFA-FM (97.7 FM, "The New 97.7"), originally started in 1964, is the unlicensed United States Air Force Academy cadet radio station. Run and staffed by current Officer Cadets and limited permanent party members, KAFA is the voice of cadets to the Colorado Springs area. With no formal budget or permanent staff, KAFA had no set transmission hours or format. The frequency was changed from 104.5 FM in October 1993 to 104.3 FM where it stood until June 2006.
In 2004, KAFA was given a grant and updated its studio to current radio broadcasting industry standards with the introduction of Prophet Systems software and Dell computers. In June 2006, KAFA changed frequency to 97.7 FM. The station subsequently solidified a format of Alternative rock and Indie rock branded as "The New 97.7". With the change to a new format came new popularity. The station has a large on-line web audience. The programming also allows distinct DJs and personalities to maintain their own distinct shows, most notably, "Dan and Dave," their most popular show.
The website is currently maintained under the United States Air Force Academy Wing Media page.
In October 2006, KAFA began to research online streaming opportunities in order to have streaming available to the general public in 2008. In January 2008, a small test stream was established but due to bandwidth restrictions allowing only fivs persons to listen at a time, the link was not made public. In the spring of 2008, KAFA secured the proper streaming software and obtained bandwidth and funding from the Air Force Academy Association of Graduates. At 1600 MDT on May 1, 2008, KAFA went live worldwide, broadcasting the stream at a high quality 128kbit/s.The stream can be obtained at

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