Sunday, April 21, 2013

Twelve Apostles of the Future warn TAMU as Madoka destroy Texas

Twelve Apostles of the Future warn TAMU as Madoka destroy Texas

By Sid Looney
The Daily Magi
September 11, 2038

Earlier in the day, Mitakihara Magi backup quarterback Sean Oliver noticed twelve people in leather bomber jackets leaving a convenience store. Peter, Andrew, James of Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon...and Judas. 

"Leeroy, the bag," Sean said as Leeroy Jenkins gave him a leather bag of 666 Canadian loonies. "Hey Judas!" he shouted. "Catch!" Sean threw the bag to the guy with the Judas jacket, who caught it and gave a thumbs up. "Now get out there!"

The Twelve Apostles of the Future, as they were called, took off for College Station via US-290 to warn the locals from Texas A&M ahead of their game against Georgia that the Madoka Pain Train was coming next week. Later that day, Sean Oliver and the rest of Tatsuya Kaname's Magi ripped apart the Texas Longhorns, 83-31, at DKR Memorial Stadium in Austin.

Quarterback Steve Clark passed for 126 yards and a touchdown, while fellow quarterback Ryan Weber rushed for 120 yards and three majors. Halfback Tsuji Ikari ran for 91 yards and a touchdown. Wide receiver Dominique Tyler caught five passes for 103 yards and wideout Wendell Novak added six catches for 96 yards and a major. Novak also led the blockers with 22 pancakes.

Cornerback Kevin McDowell led the defense with 15 tackles and two sacks. Right outside linebacker Takumi Takaishi added eight tackles, and sack and two interceptions and strong safety Takuto Kirishima took an interceptions 84 yards for a score.

Madoka improve to 3-0 and will take on Texas A&M on the road next week.

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