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"We can beat Mitakihara": Jacob Bryant

"We can beat Mitakihara": Jacob Bryant

By Daltrey McManus
The Daily Magi
December 4, 2041

In board rooms and socials, on campus and off campus, in meeting halls and classrooms, all over Laramie, Wyo. the mantra was simple: Beat Madoka. Wyoming Cowboys senior quarterback Jacob Bryant was certain that his team could do the impossible: stop the Team of the Century. This season, Bryant has passed for 2530 yards and 20 touchdowns to lead the Cowboys.

"We can beat Mitakihara," Bryant said in an interview on a flight to Vancouver with the team. "Why not? We know what we're capable of, and we're going to do it. If we can believe we can make history, we will make history.

"We all remember the 2031 season, when Mitakihara proved it could be beaten at its own game. We are confident that we can do what a number of team have been able to do. A lot of people have been telling us it's impossible, but we don't listen to what they are saying because they don't realize that we've had a great season in our own right.

"We're 9-0 in conference play and we've had a 9-2 season, which is pretty good by our standards. But I know we're going to finish the year with at least 10 wins and we can do it by shocking the world and shocking the continent by upsetting the Magi. No disrespect to Madoka; they're a great team, probably the best we've ever faced, but we're good too and we'll prove our point.

"If somehow they also give us a major ass-whooping, I can only wonder, what the fuck are they doing in our conference? Seriously."

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