Monday, May 27, 2013

A new contract for Tatsuya Kaname

A new contract for Tatsuya Kaname

By Bing Haarhuis
The Daily Magi
January 11, 2045

Mitakihara Magi football head coach Tatsuya Kaname was given a new contract, worth $10 million CAN, according to reports from Mitakihara University top brass. The contract will last three seasons. 

A number of objectives are set in stone in the contract, including winning a conference championship, winning 12 games in a season, finishing a season in the BCS Top 25, winning all the rivalry games, finishing sixth or better in the conference each season, and doing particularly well with recruiting.

"Tatsuya has been a great role model and a teacher of football and character and we're glad to have him back on board," said Mitakihara University Athletic Director Mami Tomoe at a press conference at Kirisame Pyramid. "We are excited about his plans for this season and look forward to some great performances from our student-athletes this fall."

"It's nice to be back and it's nice to get ready to hit the ground running," said Coach Kaname at the conference. "We know that this year's Magi football team is going to be very good, and we want to do very well this season because we're the defending national champions.

"I encourage everyone to come to the games and follow us far and wide because you won't be disappointed."

In other news, the secondary mascot, Roseluck the pony, is now the mascot for the Rose Arrow Boosters and Men About Town. A new secondary mascot had been introduced on New Year's Day: the pony Strawberry Ribbons, which is essentially a pony version of the mascot of Mitakihara University as well as the chancellor-for-life, Dr. Madoka Kaname.

[Image: strawberryribbons.png]

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