Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anonymous Anonymous pays homage to...Anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous pays homage to...Anonymous

By Bing Haarhuis
The Daily Magi
July 1, 2045

Mitakihara Magi quarterback Anonymous Anonymous is a 7'0", 250-lb behemoth of a gunslinger. He plays quarterback, kick returner, punt returner and kickoff specialist. Anonymous, whose real name is Akasuke Axel Morichika, is a triple-threat player who can kick, pass, and run. He is the son of Rinnosuke Morichika and Hatate Himekaidou. But why did he change his name to a rather...anonymous handle, literally?

[Image: rinnosukehatate.jpg]

(left to right) Rinnosuke Morichka and Hatate Himekaidou, the parents of Mitakihara Magi quarterback Anonnymous Anonymous.

"I wanted to call myself Anonymous Anonymous because I am an advocate of the hacker group Anonymous," Anonymous said. "We are Anonymous. Anonymous is legion. Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget. Anonymous can be horrible, senseless, uncaring monster. Anonymous is still able to deliver. 

"My goal in life is to emulate the nature and legacy of Anonymous. That's why I do not give my real name out, though my alleged real name has been well publicized by you and by many others who are not Anonymous."

"I sometimes think he thinks too much of something that is best ignored," said the elder Morichika. "Hatate gave birth to my son many years ago, and when he was four, we left him in the care of Alice [Margatroid], who gained Canadian citizenship. I believe at the age of 12, he asked me, when I made a visit, if he could change his name to his current handle. I thought he was crazy, but that is his name.

"I still like to call him Axel, because he doesn't fool me with his hacker aspirations." Anonymous is a computer science major.

"I don't care what he calls himself," said Himekaidou at an interview at her new residence in Mitakihara. She recently earned Canadian citizenship. "The important think is that my song has dreams of being successful and I am confident he will be on his way."

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