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"Buntarou needs to come back and visit us sometime": Kurisu Makise

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"Buntarou needs to come back and visit us sometime": Kurisu Makise

By Bing Haarhuis
The Daily Magi
October 14, 2045

Mitakihara University professor Dr. Kurisu Makise is the mother of Mitakihara Magi football alumnus Buntarou Okabe, one of the finest defensive ends to have ever played for head coach Tatsuya Kaname. Okabe is now in his fourth season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and is the team's sack leader with 16.5 sacks to his credit.

Dr. Makise is used to seeing her son on the Mitakihara Shimbun, the city's primary newspaper which feeds stories to the university-operated newspaper, The Daily Magi. But there are times she wishes that Buntarou simply came home to visit her and her husband, Dr. Rintarou Okabe, Buntarou's father.

"He really needs to come home and pay us a visit, and I know that sooner or later, he will do that; it's just a matter of when," Dr. Makise said over coffee at her office in Lupin III Hall. "It's just disappointing to know that he is that committed to being a defensive end in the NFL.

"Buntarou doesn't believe in taking a break and always works hard to keep himself in shape. There are times I worry that he is doing too much to be able to play on Sundays. Overwork is something that I personally try to avoid because I don't want to be stretched thin in my research.

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"What I like about my son is that he saves what he earns in the pros. He puts a majority of his earnings in securities, with just a little bit in private equity. He is aware that any time, he could lose everything just by being injured and by investing in something that is very risky, like a car wash or a sports bar and grill. Not like he wants to put it time and effort into things like that, but still, I just wanted to point it out.

"Pittsburgh is a long way from Mitakihara. It's a five-to-six hour cross country flight, and because of that, he contacts me via email, Facebook or Twitter. I now know a lot about the cuisine and customs of Pittsburgh. I just don't have to time to visit the city because I'm a professor and I do research as my job.

"I look forward to the day that Buntarou returns to Mitakihara, and I plan to treat him with my husband. It's all going to be on me."

Mitakihara continue their season this week against the Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Haw.

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