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Dallaire "shouldn't rush his decision": Anko Kitashirakawa

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Dallaire "shouldn't rush his decision": Anko Kitashirakawa

By Ted Santos
The Daily Magi
September 21, 2042

Anko Kitashirakawa is the mother of highly-touted high school wide receiver Jack Dallaire Jr. She is also the aunt of former Mitakihara Magi cornerback Touji Ouji and the sister of former Roseluck Arrow Boosters president Tamako Kitashirakawa. When asked of her son's prospects of signing with the Magi, she kept coy about it.

"I don't think my son will be rushed into making a decision," Anko said in an intervier outside Lawson Station. Anko makes fresh mochi at Lawson with her sister and her friends for consumers to purchase in the morning. "He knows that there are other football programs that want his signature, too, so Mitakihara University shouldn't be the Alpha and Omega when it comes to playing college football.

"I married his father when I graduated from high school and emigrated to Canada to be with my sister. Jack Sr. is a patisierre and loves to make wedding cakes and desserts, so we love to make food. My son doesn't like the food we make, though. He prefers to eat foods that are lower in starches and sugar.

"Jack knows how to catch balls. He's also on the baseball team, but he loves to play football. Football has been his first love, and he always wanted to play wide receiver. Jack enjoyed his visit to Mitakihara but I told him again, do not rush into making a decision. You don't have to commit to this program, since you are the top recruit in high school football this year.

"I think Jack is going to be content with the school he chooses. I want him to pick Madoka, but I will be happy with whatever school he chooses to sign with. And again, he doesn't have to rush into a decision."

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