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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: November 1, 2044

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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: November 1, 2044

By Richard Daiki Asuka III
Special to the Daily Magi
November 1, 2044

If I were to tell you that I was the son of the great Saint Tail and one of the finest young detectives in Japan, you would have thought I lost my mind. Well, it's true. It's all true. I've got two of the finest parents ever.

My name is Richard Daiki Asuka III. I am a second-year student at Mitakihara High School and I play halfback and linebacker for the Angels football team. My mom now works as a magician, fortune teller, novellist and blogger. She is also a member of the Mitakihara University Board of Trustees. My father now works for the local division of the RCMP as a constable. He's been with the Mounties since 2020, ten years after my parents moved to Canada. And my mother's good friend, Sister Seira Mimori, works at the Madoka Cathedral as an assistant to Sister Index Prohibitorum.

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As for me, I have no intentions of following the legacies of my parents. I respect what they have done, but neither of their callings is my calling. My goal in loife is to have a great career playing professional football before venturing into the world of finance management as a consultant. I am fully aware that the career of a football player is three to four years in length in average. I want my career to be long, but I know that I need something to fall back on if things don't work out.

Up until recently, no one knew that my parents were well-known and famous when they were younger. That was until I met the love of my life, Maika Aomi, who came from a middle-class family and whose father is in charge of McGann's Sports Bar and Grill in Madoka Square, near Mitakihara University. I love Maika. Her cool brown eyes, cheerful smile, and ladylike personality endears me to her, and when we both graduate, we plan to marry afterwards, and if all goes well, we will both be enrolled at Madoka in 2046.

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Maika Aomi, fiancee of Mitakihara Magi recruit Richard Daiki Asuka III.

One day, during my first year, Maika asked me, "Hey Daiki, I want to ask you a question."
"Go ahead, senorita," was my response.
"Are your parents...Saint Tail and Asuka Jr. by any chance?"
I chuckled and said, "They are."
"You're kidding me. Are you serious?"
"I'm not kidding, and yes, I am serious. These are my parents."
"Where is your proof?" Maika asked. "This better not be one of your bad jokes because I know how crap your humor is. Don't lie to me!"
"Maika, my parents are going to be heading off to dinner tonight at McGann's. You know where that is?"
"Yeah, it's that...that one sports pub restaurant in the university square, right?"
"Exactly. I'll tell Mom and Dad that you're coming because we need one guest. So you're not going to be late, right?"
"I'm always on time, Daiki. I would never let you down like that."
"Okay babe. I'll see you tonight at McGann's. By the way, dress down for the occasion."
"Got it. Thanks, Daiki!" she said. We both shared a kiss, and I was on my way to practice with the team.

Later that night, Maika arrive at McGann's by herself. I was waiting at the door. "Hey, Maika!" I said. She was wearing her school uniform but her shirt was open. "Maika, why is your shirt open?"
"You said dress down, right Daiki? So I did."
"That's not what I meant! Button your shirt, babe! Here, let me do it for you."
"Mou..." Maika pouted as I buttoned her shirt.
"Not even wearing a bra underneath..."
"My chest is too flat my liking, you know that."
I was finished. "Still, show some modesty in front of my parents. All right, let's go in." I took her hand and we walked over to the table where my parents were. "Hey Maika, welcome to McGann's!" said her big brother Suzuki, who worked as a waiter and occasional chef. Maika's father Tetsuo did the managerial work, while his friends did the cooking and clearning.
"Hey, aniki," Maika said before his brother tended to another table.
"Maika, these are my parents, Meimi Haneoka and Daiki Asuka," I said to her, introducing them to her. "Mom, Dad, this is my fiancee, Maika Aomi."
"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Asuka," she said, bowing.
"Hello Maika-chan!" said my mom, giving her a hug.
"Hello there Maika," said Dad, shaking her hand. "Have a seat. You too, son."
"Sure thing, Dad." I did. "You have to forgive Maika here; I told her to dress down, but not have her shirt open."
"Oh, no harm done, Daiki-kun," Mom said, with a chuckle.
"Sorry," Maika said, blushing.
"Let me say this, son," said Dad, leaning over, "you got yourself someone you deserve to be with. And with that, said, I'm starved."
The night was spent with me talking about my relationship with Maika, which has been nothing short of spectacular. After our orders arrived, Maika decided to ask the question. "Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Asuka?"
"Yes, Maika-chan?" asked my mom.
"Are you two...Saint Tail and Asuka Jr., by any chance?" She was blushing.
Mom looked at Dad. Dad looked at Mom. They both smiled, turned to Maika and said, "We are."
"OH MY GOD!" Maika squealed with a squee. "Daiki! Your parents are Saint Tail and Asuka Jr.!!?"
"I've been trying to tell you this, honey, but you haven't been believing me!" I said, disappointed.
"Wow! Wow! Saint Tail, it okay if I call you that?"
"Miss Meimi will do, Maika-chan," said Mom.
"Miss Meimi! I've heard stories about you and how you took things that bad people stole from others and how Asuka Jr. tried to catch you. Wow...Mr. Asuka, is it true that when Miss Meimi saved you way back when, you realized that you were in love with her and you decided to be with her?"
"You hit the nail right on the head, Maika," Dad said. "Once I realized that what she was doing was not bad at all, I told my parents and police to drop all the charges against Meimi. After we graduated from high school, we married, moved to Canada, settled down and had a son, who is seated next to you right now, I believe."
"That is so cool," said Maika. "Can I get your autograph! I mean, if it's not much trouble...I have a shikishi board and Sharpie..."
"I guess we can do it for her," said Dad. "What do you think love?"
"Our son's gonna be marrying her soon, and you're fine with the two of them together and I'm fine with both of them being together, so, let's do it," said Mom. They both signed their autographs on Maika's shikishi, and handed the board and pen back to her. She was crying tears of joy.
"You're got such wonderful parents," Maika sobbed, sniffling a bit. "I am so glad that I chose to be in love with you!"
"They are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the community, that's all," I said, hugging her and giving her a kiss. "Right, my dear parents?" We had a good laugh over it.

As for my footballing escapades, I am being pursued by a lot of major teams, like Texas, Iowa, South Carolina and Florida. However, I know that I will be part of Mitakihara University if everything works out. Mom always tells me to play and do well with my grades. And my dad is a strict disciplinarian and wants me to be an accountable man of character like he is.

There are still people who still don't believe that my parents are Saint Tail and Asuka Jr. I tell them to keep doubting, keep unbelieving, because sooner than later, they're going to come around and I will have turned more skeptics into believers. I owe my life and my future to my parents. I wouldn't be here writing for you readers without their legacy.

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