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Fin E Ld Si Laffinty a supporter of Magi football

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Fin E Ld Si Laffinty a supporter of Magi football

By Costas Iakovidis-Brantford
The Daily Magi
September 7, 2044

Dame Fin E Ld Si Laffinty is the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, as appointed by Governor-General Rajiv Singh-Reddy in 2040. A resident of Canada since 2016 and a proud parent of three children, Laffinty has been a supporter of Mitakihara University Athletics and is a season-ticket holder for the Magi football team, the so-called "Greatest College Football Team in All of College Football."

Dame Laffinty's office at Government House Victoria is occassionally busy, as she does a lot of ceremonial work, including adding new people to the Order of British Columbia and other lesser orders, authenticating notarized documents, and attending other parties and functions.

Still, despite Dame Laffinty's schedule, she does take the time to stop by the university that her good friend Dr. Madoka Kyouno used to be the president of and is now the primary visitor of as the province's incumbent premier.

"I love Coach Kaname and the spirit and drive he brings to the teams," said Dame Laffinty from her office at Government House. "When my schedule is light, I make the drive up the highway to Mitakihara Town and talk with the coach, a few players, a few students, and watch a game involving the football team and other teams.

"I don't know how Coach Kaname does it. He's a great coach, that's the first thing. He's a great teacher of life's lessons, that's another. And he loves to recruit in places like Texas, Florida and California, and poach the best talent there. He really enjoys teaching great players that are worthy of wearing rose, pink and white.

"The more the teams continue to win, the more our neighbors gain respect for what Mitakihara University does. I had the pleasure of being the commencement speaker last spring, and I told the students that once they leave Madoka, it still remains part of them because they built the foundations for the legacies which they will all be remembered by.

"I don't know how much longer Coach Kaname wants to Coach the team. He's won so many titles; there comes a time where it's going to be passed on to another person. Maybe it's his son, maybe it's another person; I have no idea. But what Coach Tatsuya Kaname has done to develop and build the Magi football program is something people here in this province will remember for many years to come."

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