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Four top players returning to Madoka

Four top players returning to Madoka

By Lane Pellenor
The Daily Magi
January 10, 2044

In a rare occurance, four juniors on Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi football that were originally declaring for the 2044 NFL Draft have decided to return for their senior season. They are: defensive tackle Androgynous Boogaloo, fullback Mike Dorsey, middle linebacker Jackie Bezzina and wide receiver Karuta Kanda.

"Boogie was the one that we had the most difficulty convincing to stay. We told him that he would not regret earning his college degree and that we would win a national title and he still wasn't convinced," Coach Kaname said. "So, we offered the possibility of him winning the Bednarik. He bit.

"Boogie, Mike, Jackie Bez and Karu are important ingredients to our title defense this year, and we need their help this year. We are planning to bring in Harvard University this coming season as our Homecoming opponent, which would be a historic occassion.

"I think we have all the ingredients for a solid 2044 campaign, but we are going to need to so a lot of recruiting because a lot of our players are seniors. Hopefully we can do well with our recruiting operatives and get some good players to fill the ranks."

The 2044 Mitakihara Magi Football schedule will be announced at a later date.

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