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Harry Himemiya nearly picked gymnastics over football

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Mai Sakura, the wife of Mitakihara Magi strong safety Hare "Harry" Himemiya.

Harry Himemiya nearly picked gymnastics over football

By Lane Pellenor
The Daily Magi
October 2, 2044

Mitakihara Magi strong safety Harry Himemiya is the son of Iori Himemiya and Kanna Hase, two office workers in Mitakihara Town, B.C. A talented two-sport athlete, Himemiya nearly picked gymnastics over football. Ultimately, when his girlfriend-turned-wife Mai Sakura, who is a senior on the university's gymnastics team, told him to choose with his heart and not with his head, football won out.

"Harry-kun's a pretty good gymnast and excels at the pommel horse," said Sakura, who has no relations to Mitakihara Magi defensive coordinator Kyouko Sakura. "But he also plays American footbal and he's been having sleepless nights making up his mind.

"Before we began our last year of high school, I told Harry-kun that you're good at two sports, but choose the one sport that will make you happy in the long run. I told him to choose the sport that will make your future with me a happy one.

"Harry-kun chose football, and look at him now. I originally was a baton twirler for the Ultimates, but I elected to compete on the gymnastics team's rhythmic gymnastics division. Before we enrolled at Mitakihara University, we married and now we are a couple living in our own dorm room.

"I love Harry-kun and the way he does everything for me. He wants me to compete for Canada in rhythmic gymnastics and he promised me that he would watch me perform. He wants me to also consider becoming a proud mother because he knows he will be playing professionally. I believe in him. I believe in everything he tells me because he is honest and never makes promise he doesn't intend to keep.

"Our gymnastics season is in the spring, so during the offseason, he gets to watch me perform. After every meet, we go out somewhere and he reveals the dreams he has of being under the lights of a stadium, making an interception or a tackle and fighting hard for me.

"I feel so humbled that Harry-kun would treat me like a princess and value everything I do for him. It's because of him that I have been able to succeed as a gymnast. He believes in me even more. When we graduate, I plan to step away from gymnastics to become a mother and raise them to be like me and Harry-kun.

"I am just so, so, blessed to have a husband who plays football with a desire and passion for winning. He's also a great student and is my personal tutor. Harry-kun not only means the world to me...he is my world, and I will never have a man as wonderful and meaningful to my life as him, and only him."

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