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"I was once Manti Te'o's girlfriend until he left me": Kazari Uiharu

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"I was once Manti Te'o's girlfriend until he left me": Kazari Uiharu

By Bing Haarhuis
The Daily Magi
October 18, 2045

Kazari Uiharu is a member of the Mitakihara Town department of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Her wife, Ruiko Saten, works as a daycare center operator. Working in the IT branch of the RCMP, she recalled a time when she was the girlfriend of now-retired linebacker Manti Te'o.

"Manti was a cool person, one that you could go to a restaurant and have some interesting conversations with," said Uiharu in an interview at her house while off-duty. "One time, Manti and I slept in a hotel. I wanted to feel his all because I was madly in love with him and I couldn't stop these feelings I had for him. But days later, I found out that he ended up swinging with another woman, and I ended up being pregnant.

"At that point, I had huge resentment for Manti. I learned that he was a misogynist, a chauvinist, a womanizer, a playboy, and simply downright cruel to young women. I decided to leave him. I moved to Canada with Ruiko and gave birth to twin daughters: Saya and Anri. Anri ended up moving to France and is now a French citizen. Saya elected to return to Japan and look for work there. She ended up giving birth to my only grandson thus far: Haruyuki Arita.

"I don't know much about my grandson, other than him being rather portly and short, and a very good gamer and athlete for someone his size. I would like to meet him and have him reunited with me and Ruiko. I still have nightmares about the time Manti had sex with me and impregnated me. But I now have two children that are successful and living their own lives, so the challenge for me is to let it go."

Kazuto Kirigaya, the former Mitakihara Magi linebackers coach who is now a scout for the team, had nothing but rave reviews about the young prospect who is still in middle school but can transform into a pig at will.

"Don't let his 5'5, 400-lbs something frame fool you," said Kirigaya of Arita. "He's a small, pudgy, really quick quarterback who is too small to be a linebacker or offensive lineman. He's got great speed, can run the option well, and can throw it deep for someone his size.

"He may go down as one of the more peculiar quarterbacks Mitakihara ends up getting should he sign with the Magi coming out of high school."

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