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Invalid Name: a cut above the rest

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Invalid Name: a cut above the rest

By Ted Santos
The Daily Magi
September 11, 2042

Mitakihara Magi quarterback Invalid Name is a guy that wants to be a barista, just like his father. Invalid is the son of The Queen of Tokiwadai, Misaki Shoukuhou, and barista Eamon Landry. His real name is Ian Shokuhou-Landry, but he changed his name to Invalid Name for an interesting reason.

"My mother likes to control the minds of people because that is her ability," Invalid explained after practice at Hakurei Centre. "Well, her powers have no effect on me, but I wanted to make it look like she controlled my birth cerfiticate, so I changed my name to Invalid Name when I turned 14.

"I got the football genetics from my father, who used to play tight end and split end for the Concordia Stingers. I didn't want to play tight end, though. I felt I could flourish as a passer, as a quarterback. So I tried out at my high school to be a quarterback and I got the job in my first year on the field.

"Mom's very supportive of what I do as a player and as a field general. She's not very good athletically, but she does like to spoil me a lot if I excel on and off the field. Mom's quite well off and has a sweet tooth. I don't have as much of a sweet tooth because I prefer to eat salads and lean meat and fish. I'm more conscious with my diet.

"Still, I do value the support that my parents give me every year, and at the end of last season, I celebrated the national championship with some coffee and scones. I love my parents. They helped me be who I am."

"He is still Ian to me," said Misaki, who is a cousin of former idol Miki Hoshii. "Eamon and I still call him Ian. But he's been a joy to us every day he goes out there and shows the world what he's all about.

"He is a cut above the rest. You don't see people like that every day: a young quarterback who goes the extra distance to better himself. I'm personally proud to have raised Ian and I hope he becomes successful in the NFL and finishes his degree."

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