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Jackie Bezzina dedicates career to late father

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Jackie Bezzina dedicates career to late father

By Lane Pellenor
The Daily Magi
November 23, 2044

Ever since he was 15, Mitakihara Magi middle linebacker Gianluca "Jackie" Bezzina Jr. flies to Malta each summer to lay flowers at the headstone of his late father, Dr. Gianluca Bezzina, in Birkirkara. He sits by the grave a few hours, singing songs on his guitar, including his signature piece, "Tomorrow."

These days, he visits the grave with his three-year-old son Jeremy and wife Anzu Kadotani-Bezzina, a senior Humanities major from Tokyo. The moment sometimes beings Jackie to tears, and his son and wife have to comfort him. It's the memory of his father that motivates this year's Magi football defensive captain to perform and to shine on and off the field.

"I have my father's spirit in me, and Anzu and Jeremy give me the motivation and hope to become the person I can become," Bezzina said in an interview outside the newly-constructed Mitakihara University Child Development Center, where Jeremy takes preschool classes at. "Dad would be so proud of me being a father and a husband, and soon, a college graduate.

"He always told me to follow my dreams and become a success in life. I am on track to earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. After my professional football career is over, I intend to return to med school, earn a Master of Science and then earn a PhD through my earnings in the NFL."

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Anzu Kadotani, the wife of Mitakihara Magi middle linebacker Gianluca "Jackie" Bezzina Jr.

"Jackie is really motivated in what he wants to be," said Kadotani while watching over little Jeremy after getting out of class for the day. "He wants to be a doctor because he wants to be Jeremy's top physician and he wants to prolong the lives of a lot of people, just like his father.

"It must be in their bloodlines to heal the sick and treat the ill. I've had a deeper appreciation of Maltese culture ever since I married Jackie. It's not just his physique that I like about him. It's his desire to be a family man and a husband. He is someone I can put my trust in without any issues.

"I hope his career in the NFL is a long one because I do want him to become a licensed doctor just like his dad. But it takes a lot of money, time and fortitude to do that and that's why I want him to do very well playing football so he can save.

"Jackie isn't the type of person to spend his hard-earned cash any way he wants. He's very frugal with his spending and he saves a lot of his earnings into mutual funds. He also told me that once he gets his license, both of us and Jeremy will move to Malta and move into the studio that his father used to own.

"If I can find work there and become a teacher, I have no problems moving. But staying in Canada as a fallback might be the best fallback we could ever have. And that's what makes Jackie wonderful. He plans ahead, he gives me hope, he gives little Jeremy hope, and he gives the people he loves and serves hope. That, right there, is truly amazing."

The Magi will be facing the San Diego State Aztecs this week in Magia Day 2044, honoring the seniors of the Class of 2045. The second string is expected to be activated this game.

(right) Gianluca Bezzina, Jackie Bezzina's father.

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