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Madoka drops down to No. 4...to delight of students?

Madoka drops down to No. 4...to delight of students?

By John Hall
The Daily Magi
October 26, 2043

As Mitakihara University's Magi Football Team gets ready to host the Fresno State Bulldogs at what its student body simply call "The Stadium" on Halloween Night, news has broken out that the Magi have been dropped to No. 4 in the polls after what the pollsters feel was an unimpressive performance by the team against Hawai'i.

The Magi trounced the Warriors on the road, 110-55, at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu last week. Logic would suggest that the fans would be up in arms after the pollsters gave them the shaft and there would be heavy rioting. But in a surprise reaction, there was cheering and relief.

"Woooooot! That is great from the pollsters," said senior political science major Ann Hewson from Shawinigan, Que. "We've never get placed this low in a while, and if we win out and the pollsters continue to shortchange us, we have a great chance at going to a different bowl game at the end of the year.

"I think it's important for our players to realize that they don't need to win national championships every year to make us happy. As long as they win no matter what, we could go unbeaten, finish third in the BCS rankings, win the Rose Bowl and we can consider that a good year."

"I like to see us just be Rose Bowl Champions now," said Eric Schauwn, a junior liberal arts major from Tyler, Tex. "Not National Champions anymore. We already won 31 of these things. Let someone else win it."

"I think someone else needs to win it," said freshman Jaycee Yang, an Asia-Canada Studies major. "Let South Carolina and Oregon face each other for everything. We don't need to compete for everything, but that doesn't mean we should stop winning games.

"However, we have several weeks to go in the season, and we know upsets can and will happen. We hope it doesn't happen to the teams above us, but no team is safe from the upset bug, and it's a really bad one at that. As for us, we're going to keep winning, regardless of what happens to the other teams."

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