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Madoka "not keen to let up": Hasegawa

Madoka "not keen to let up": Hasegawa

By Ted Santos
The Daily Magi
October 23, 2042

Mitakihara Magi football defensive line coach Daisuke "Dax" Hasegawa, the nephew of Magi basketball head coach Subaru Hasegawa, is fully aware of the ability of the winless Hawai'i Warriors to pull off a surprise or two. The Magi take on Hawai'i in Luau Night, and the entire team is on red alert.

"We're not keen to let up," said the second-year assistant coach during practice at Hakurei Centre. "The boys know that they are taking on a wounded animal, and they do not want to give this wounded animal any hope at a bowl game.

"We've been reviewing the performance of the Warriors this season, and they have had a very tough year. They hung close against Air Force, Colorado State and New Mexico and could as easily be a respectable 3-3 heading into the game on Saturday.

"I have never seen as attentive a group of defensive linemen as my group of guys this week. They saw what happened at the game between Hawai'i and New Mexico and how the Lobos punished them offensively and defensively. The Lobos were relentless with the pass rush and we look to get a lot of sacks tonight.

"The important thing is to incorporate the backups into this game. We'll probably have the starters play the first quarter and then we will have the backups play the remaining three. As with our game against Boise, a lot of our guys will be playing. We want to keep our starters fresh because November is going to be a very demanding month for the team."

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