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Madoka's pet Kyubey a favorite amongst the students

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Madoka's pet Kyubey a favorite amongst the students

By Ted Santos
The Daily Magi
November 5, 2042

Once upon a time, Dr. Madoka Kaname's pet, Incubator, was ridiculed and despised for his plot to destroy the human race through his contract system. After Madoka changed the rules, the familiar informally referred to as Kyubey has been reduced to a simple pet, wandering about campus hither and thither. In short, he is what Reveille is to Texas A&M, a pet that can end class just by saying something.

"I generally keep my mouth shut and observe students listening to professors who are slightly overpaid despite having proficient credentials," Kyubey said at Hakurei Centre, watching the football team go through drills. "I don't generally say 'Class Dismissed' unless the instructor is boring the students with his or her rhetoric."

"I like to visit class rooms during the day, check out the athletic facilities during the night, and sleep in the girls' dorms during the evening if I don't come home to Madoka. I like to immerse myself in the college experience because there is no life expectancy on my part. 500 years can pass and I will still be here meeting new students and new faces.

"During football games, I like to sit inside the press box and watch the action. I study the formations, the momentum swings, the dynamics...every facet of the game. I also watch other games, such as volleyball, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. I've been well-traveled. I've been as far as Miami and as far as Honolulu. I've seen a lot of new people and sometimes I don't understand the traditions that fans in the south have but that's just me.

"I like my role as simply Madoka's pet and the representative of the Chancellor of this university. It's a special role that I am content with and one that I hope to live up to for years to come."

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