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Magia Day a time to reflect

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Magia Day a time to reflect

By John Hall
The Daily Magi
November 11, 2043

Mitakihara Magi senior left outside linebacker Marcus Manning is the team captain for Tatsuya Kaname's Magi. This Saturday, he will lead the field with offensive captain Ryuta Kasugano and the rest of the team and the seniors one last time at home as Mitakihara host Nevada on Magia Day 2043, honoring the Class of 2044.

Manning was very reflective on the team's heroics and progress during his career as a member of the Best College Football Team In All Of College Football™.

"Oh yeah, it's been a great ride the past few years," said Manning at practice over in the climate-controlled confines of Hakurei Centre. "I enjoyed my time here, and so did the rest of the mates in my class.

"The reason I came to Mitakihara and play for Coach Kaname was because I knew he was a winner, he knows how to develop character in everybody he coaches, and he's a tough love type of guy. He knows if you're not doing the work, and he knows if you need to take a break because you're doing too much.

"Then you have to consider the coaches, in which some of them used to be players. So you have a blend of leadership and experience and youth coaching us. We love all the coaches and we have loads of respect for what they do to teach us.

"Coach [Shaun] Kirigaya taught me to be accountable for my actions on and off the field. He knows that if we don't become accountable and succeed in the classroom, we won't get to play. So we spend half of our time studying and going to class and the other half playing football.

"Us seniors have perfected the art of time management. We know what we need to do at this time, we know what we need to do at this hour, that hour and so on. We've learned to prioritize our activities. While we know that winning games and championship is always important, what's also important is finishing college with a degree.

"I'm majoring in Architecture because I want to help design and create new stadiums and arenas around the world so that everybody can embrace the power of sport. I'm getting ideas from the design of our practice facility and using it as a template for future concepts.

"Mitakihara has been a blessing to me and to finish my education here in Canada is the best thing that could ever happen, whether we go unbeaten or not. I don't think I will ever trade anything for the degree that I am going to earn this Spring."

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