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New alternate cheer uniforms a smash hit

[Image: azusanewcheeruniform.png]

New alternate cheer uniforms a smash hit

By Ted Santos
The Daily Magi
November 11, 2042

The new alternate cheerleader uniforms for Mitakihara University's cheergirls has been a smash hit. They are a tribute to the old school-style outfit of decades gone by, and are more conservative in their approach.

"I like them. I like them a lot," said sophomore criminology major Abner Reyes of Edmonton, Alb. "It's nothing pretentious or too revealing...it's just like how a cheer uniform should look like."

"This is a bit of fresh air," said senior physics major Sally Hoy of Toronto, Ont. "I remember that in the past, the cheerleader uniforms were a bit scanty for my tastes. It's important that this university doesn't try to cross the line in terms of decency. It's a good call, as far as I am concerned."

"I hope this becomes the official cheer uniform because it's a smash hit," said junior Humanities major Bart Scott Jr. of Detroit, Mich. "I think it's a good move by the university to not make it too questionable."

However, the main cheerleader uniform, which incorporates shorts and a sailor uniform theme, will remain the primary cheerleader uniform for the cheergirls for the time being.

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