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Red Eilands: a proud Latvian-Canadian with a eye to the future

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Ralfs Eilands Sr. and Rias Gremory, the parents of Mitakihara Magi fullback Ralfs "Red" Eilands Jr.

Red Eilands: a proud Latvian-Canadian with a eye to the future

By Bing Haarhuis
The Daily Magi
July 26, 2045

Mitakihara Magi fullback Ralfs Eilands Jr., also known as Red Eilands, is a proud Latvian-Canadian with big plans and big dreams. A music major, Eilands is looking to go into production, just like his father, who used to be a musician for the beatboxing group PeR, or Please Explain the Rhythm, before going soli.

Eilands can fluently speak English, French, Latvian and Russian, and has some knowledge of Estonian and Lithuanian.

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"I spent my early childhood years in Sabile, a small town in western Latvia," Eilands recalled in an interview after practice. "Sabile is a quiet village, full of vineyards and cottages. There was this one sports store in town that I would frequent with my mom because she is a huge sports fanatic. There was this American football that no one way buying. I asked my Mom, hey, can you buy this for me? She said, sure Red, and I ended up sleeping with it the first day.

"I still have the football with me and I use it as a good luck charm. When I was five, Dad decided to move to Canada with me and Mom. There, I learned about Canadian football, which is slightly different from American football. There was this one university in Vancouver Island that a lot of my Dad's clients were talking about. By this point, he had quit performing and gone into production and mixing, and his clients were talking about this one school. The school, of course, is Mitakihara.

"So, my parents and I took a bus ride to the stadium. We were living in Mitakihara Town because it was cheaper than Vancouver or other cities and there were plenty of good houses to live in. At first, my Dad was scratching his head. He told Mom, 'Honey, these guys are wearing pink. They're gonna get clobbered!' As Mom giggled, an elderly fan went over to Dad and said, 'you should see them play. Don't let their uniforms fool you; they're pretty good.'

"Once the game kicked off, my Dad was in disbelief at how effective the Magi were in running up the score. He said, 'Son, this where you're gonna be playing when you enter college. I want you to play football for this team because you want to be a football player.' I then told Dad, 'I'm gonna be a fullback.'

"I bulked up, ate a lot of protein, lifted a lot of weights, did sprints, joining a major junior team and my high school team, and now I am living the dream as a fullback, fulfilling my Dad's vision. Actually, I wanted to play here, too, because I know how good this program is, year-in, year-out.

"When I head out on to the field for the first time, I hope Mom and Dad are able to find me and cheer for me with all the other parents, boosters, fans and students. I want to make an impact and impress everybody, from the first snap to the last."

Mitakihara open the season on the road next month against the Texas Longhorns.

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