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Rompin' Time for Magi backups as Madoka slaughter SDSU, 143-17

Rompin' Time for Magi backups as Madoka slaughter SDSU, 143-17

By Lane Pellenor
The Daily Magi
November 26, 2044

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi were honoring their seniors on Magia Day 2044 at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara, B.C. The starters were giving the night off, and the backups ran roughshod over the San Diego State Aztecs, 143-17.

Quarterback Andre Spence passed for 266 yards and a touchdown while rushing for 313 yards and eight more scores. Halfback Lester Stephens ran for 237 yards and six majors and fullback Rashaun Manning for for 100 yards flat and a touchdown. Also with a touchdown on the ground were backup quarterback Jeff Gross, halfback John Paul Thomas and tight end Joel Ingram.

Wide receiver Terrence Andrews has seven catches for 104 yards while wideout Charles Roland had another seven catches for 103 yards. Right guard Josh Johnson led the blockers with 31 pancakes while allowing one sack. Sophomore defensive tackle George "Jungle" Lowery had the biggest night of his young Magi career, racking up 8.5 sacks. Middle linebacker Kalvin Hinds had four sacks while free safety David Madsen added a couple of interceptions.

"That was a good exercise for our backups, who are fit and ready to contribute if our starters get hurt," Coach Kaname said after the game. "We have two more games in our schedule, and we are ready to win both of them."

Madoka improve to 12-0 and will host the 2044 Mountain West Conference Championship Game in two weeks' time.

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