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Sternberg bummed not to spend Christmas with parents

Sternberg bummed not to spend Christmas with parents

By Lane Pellenor
The Daily Magi
December 25, 2044

Robin Stjernberg Jr., also known as Bob Sternberg, is the son of acclaimed singer Robin Stjernberg and Sanae Dekomori. He was personally disappointed that he could not be in Sweden to spend Christmas with his family.

"I wanted to spend my holiday with my mom and dad, but I'm a football player and I have a national championship to defend," said the Outland Trophy winner while drinking a bottle of Apotekarnes Julmust from the local IKEA in Mitakihara. "So instead, I opt to eat at the IKEA and drink some julmust during the holidays just to remind myself of my second home.
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Yuzu Koyama, a senior Liberal Studies major, is the wife of Mitakihara Magi right tackle Bob Sternberg.

"Every day, I look at the photo of me and my parents when I was younger, and I am reminded of his voice and how he raised me when he was living in Canada. I now live in my dorm room with my wife Yuzu, who I personally tutor since she is just getting by with her coursework.

"Dad sometimes talks to me and Yuzu via Skype on ways to improve my studies and my play. He tells me that he likes to watch me perform via online streams or the BBC, which broadcasts games via tape delay. Recently, Dad told me that singing doesn't have to be my calling, even though I am a music major and I have aspirations of going into production.

"He tells me, 'Son, you are a football player and it's your job to make money in the pros, save your money and use it to invest in the future of your wife, your future children, and yourself. He also told me that he plans to fly to Miami to watch my play in the BCS National Championship Game next month with my mom.

"I hope to see both of them, because I don't get to be with my parents that often. Hopefully Coach Kaname will allow me to be with my family so that we can have dinner after the game and talk about the future. Dad means a lot to me and his freespirited demeanor and smile is something that I miss a lot."

Sternberg and the Magi take on the Florida Gators in the 2045 BCS National Championship Game at SunLife Stadium in Miami, Fla. on Jan. 7. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m. ET and will be televised by ESPN, TSN, NHK and BBC.

(left to right) Sanae Dekomori and Robin Stjernberg, the parents of Mitakihara Magi right tackle Bob Sternberg.

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