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Tatsuya Kaname flying at 428-7

Tatsuya Kaname flying at 428-7

By John Hall
The Daily Magi
November 24, 2043

Into his 33rd season, Mitakihara Magi head coach Tatsuya Kaname has 428 victories, more than any other coach in Division I college football. On October 11, 2042, Kaname passed Eddie Robinson of Grambling State with his 409th victory. 

That leaves just one person remaining among all college football coaches in every division: the late John Gagliardi of St. John's (MN). Gagliardi finished his career with 489 victories in 64 years of coaching. If the Magi finish the season unbeaten, Coach Kaname will stand at 431 victories, which is 68 victories less. At the pace Kaname is going, he will pass Gagliardi in 2048.

Of course, don't tell that to the coach. For him, the record does not matter.

"Winning championships—conference and national—along with building character and accountability matter to me more than passing John," said Coach Kaname from his desk inside Hakurei Centre. "I have so much respect for John and his 'Winning with No's' formula, but he plays in a different division than me and brings in a different set of players.

"You compare apples and oranges when you talk about what I've accomplished, what John Gagliardi has accomplished, what other coaches have accomplished...and then you realize that talking about records is nice but not really meaningful in any way.

"I was brought to Mitakihara by my sister and her friends, who are now my wives along with my sister, to coach the football team. I've had a legacy of teaching young men from all walks of life the game of football and the game of the real world. I can pass John in five years, and if the players I coach are not successful in the real world, the record is meaningless.

"So I really don't care much about passing Gagliardi. You can't deny that I will have the record at some point, but passing a legend like John within 40 seasons is not the real reason why I'm here."

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