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And the Men of Madoka go on their merry way

And the Men of Madoka go on their merry way

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
September 7, 2047

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi routed the Clemson Tigers, 159-24, at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara, B.C. Quarterback Eric Jenkins passed for 430 yards and five touchdowns while rushing for 343 yards and five more majors. At the end of the game, a rather angry journalist from the Post and Courier asked why Coach Kaname decided to run one play up the gut for a touchdown as the clock hit zeroes.

"You have not been following our program much, have you?" he asked in kind. He nodded. "Explains it. Well, players that decide to transfer out of our program will see their new alma maters gets destroyed the following season. It's part of our policy because we value loyalty and commitment to the team above themselves.

"They will pay the price for taking a risk that they don't need to take. If you leave, your new school will get crushed. Believe me, we didn't want to schedule Clemson. But we had to because one of our players, Charlie [Carpenter] elected to be a coward. Maybe he should spare himself the embarrassment and play in D-II."

Halfback Kyle Ryan ran for 471 yards and six scores, fullback Trey Robinson ran for 87 yards and two majors, wide receiver Rudy Williams ran for 66 yards and a touchdown and halfback Melvin Rawlins scored a 56-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.

Wide receiver Ryan Riley caught eight passes for 163 yards and two touchdowns while wideout Tyler Brown caught six passes for 185 yards and a score. Ryan and Rawlins also caught passes for touchdowns. Brown led the blockers with 28 pancakes, while Riley added 20 pancakes.

Middle linebacker Nick Alston led the defense with 21 tackles. Defensive tackle Kris Williams had 5.5 sacks while right end Dusty Spicer added 4.5 sacks and defensive tackle Charlie Suggs had three sacks.

Madoka take the week off before returning to action on Sept. 21 against Utah State.

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