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Charlie Carpenter transferring to South Carolina

Charlie Carpenter transferring to South Carolina

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
January 25, 2047

The fallout from the 2046 Magi football team saw one player leave the program, and that is wide receiver Charlie Carpenter, who has transferred to Clemson, marking a second straight season in which a player from Mitakihara packs ship for a South Carolina school.

"I may regret it, but I feel my best move right now is to transfer schools," said Carpenter at a face-to-face interview with the coaches.

"A common theme that threads our transferring student together is the mentality that it's all about them and not the team," Coach Tatsuya Kaname said. "They only care about themselves and not caring about helping the team win championships. Those are the types of players I do not want on this team."

"Now Charlie is a hard-working player, but I have noticed that he is a selfish player that is only worried about himself and not the team. We don't need him; this team will continue to win titles without him. Clemson will be lucky to even come close to the ACC title even with him eligible to play."

"Charlie has been given a 72-hour notice to pack his bags and leave campus. Furthermore, the Tigers has been added to our 2047 schedule."

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