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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 19, 2046

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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 19, 2046

By Mei Wong
The Daily Magi
September 19, 2046

On the other side of the world, Japan to be exact, Haruyuki Arita, Kuroyukihime and their friends were at Fuuko Kurasaki's house for dinner. Pizza and spaghetti were on the house, and Haru was in deep thought. Haru, Hime, Fuuko, Chiyuri Kurashima and Takumi Mayuzumi were keeping tabs on their future university alma mater, Mitakihara, on NHK via tape delay. 

As for Haru, who would be a future quarterback for the time in spite of his obese stature, he was lost in thought. Hime had already accomplished her mission of knowing the meaning behind BRAIN BURST, and she decided to quit with the others and focus on academic pursuits. She told Haru that she was willing to follow him whereever he decided to spend his future in. With very little chances at employement in Japan, Canada was looking more and more like an option worth being a part of.

"They are road warriors, aren't they?" Fuuko asked Hime as she reflected on the Magi's recent road trip which concluded with an 89-49 grindfest over South Carolina.
"Isn't that obvious?" Hime snarked.
"They're awesome, though, Fuuko-chan!" Chiyuri exclaimed. "This is why this is such a good idea to make the plan to study abroad. We're gonna be surrounded by winners! Nothing but winners."
"There's always excitement across the Pacific, and I've always liked Canada and the people there," Takumu said, sipping a glass of water. "They have some of the finest athletes, and you can never get bored with all the skiing, skating and winter sports opportunities. Not to mention biking and horseback riding. Maybe it's an opportunity for Haruyuki to get into shape."
"I heard that," Haru said.
"Or maybe not."
"Mind your manners, Haruyuki-kun," Hime said to him.
"Sorry, Saku-chan."
"Is something the matter?" Fuuko asked.
"I just don't feel like I will get anything out of being an accelerated MMORPG player. I have to change course and play a sport I can play."
"Like American football? We have high schools in this city that field football teams."
"Yeah, but they wouldn't want me because of my size."
"Well, you know that not too long ago, Mr. Kirigiya came to visit you to test your skills, right?" Takumu said to him. Haru was silent. "Right?"
"You have a really good arm, Haru!" Chiyuri said. "You would make a really good quarterback!"
"He probably looks more like a short offensive lineman," Hime said. "In America, the lineman are not only heavy, but they are tall."
"There's the problem, Saku-chan," Haru said, in his own personal defeatist mode. "I still don't know why Kirito tells me that I am impressive playing as a quarterback. I don't have the speed to run the offense there."
"Haruyuki-kun. It's the option. You don't have to be blinding-fast, you just have to be smart with your decision making. It's similar to Brain Burst in terms of your choices that you have to make on the fly."
"How do you know all that, Saku-chan?"
"I know...because I have traveled back in time to see how that team began to be the powerhouse that it is."
"Whoa, I didn't know you could do that," Takumu said. "Nice."
"Amazing, Hime-chan can travel to different timelines!" Chiyuri exclaimed.
"So you were able to see the early days of the university before you were born?" Fuuko asked her.
"Well, it's nothing to sneeze at," Kuroyukihime said as she continued to eat her salad. "The thing is this, Haruyuki Arita: you have to confident in what you want to do because I am planning to marry you when we graduate out of high school and I will be with you wherever you go."
Haruyuki was moved. "Saku-chan..."
"You always told me that I was your salvation, and that I was the one you turned to. But you have to have confidence in yourself. You need to decide whether to be here, or to be in Canada and seek a new adventure outside your comfort zone."
"I think it's a great opportunity and it's not as competitive as the big universities here in Japan," Takumu said. "Plus, the top administrators are all Japanese, so it's like you're attending a Japanese university that is not in Japan. I'm in, Chiyu's in, and Fuuko's in. Well?"
A long pause from Haru, and then he made up his mind. "All right, I am going to pursue a career playing quarterback in American football and get admitted to Mitakihara University."
"Yay!" Chiyuri said. "Good job!
"See? That wasn't too tough," Takumu said. "Was it?"
"Well done, Haru. You did this for all of us, including yourself," Fuuko added.
"Try not to get too overconfident," Hime said to Haru.
"It's...kind of embarrassing." Her heart was beating fast. And so was Haruyuki's. But the plan was in place for them to get to good high school that not only had a great football team, but could get them on the fast track to their Canadian destiny.

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