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Fernandia Malvezzi named provost of Mitakihara-Squamish

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Fernandia Malvezzi named provost of Mitakihara-Squamish

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
October 16, 2047

26-year old Fernandia Malvezzi, the great grandniece of the flying Strike Witch ace of the same name so much as to be a complete reincarnation, was chosen to be the new Provost of the Squamish campus of Mitakihara University contingent on completing her Master's Degree in Educational Administration from the University, scheduled for 2049.

Malvezzi was born in Rieti, Italy but moved to Canada at the age of six. She speaks fluent English, French, and Italian and is married to fellow Mitakihara colleague Charles Bono, the grandson of famous American musician and politician Sunny Bono. They have a son, Luis Gilberto, and a daughter, Carolina. Both are fraternal twins.

"I am excited to transition to the next phase of my career by being the provost of Mitakihara-Squamish," Malvezzi said in a press conference at Magia Quad. "I spent the last few years as an assistant to Asuna [Yuuki] and she has taught me well in what I can and can't do when administering the rules and regulations regarding academics.

"This is a role that requires vast amounts of time and commitment, and I thank the university for preparing me for the task that lies ahead. At this point, I am assembling my staff that will help carry out the administrative work, while getting in touch with the deans of the numerous departments so that I know what is going on with their students and if there anything I can do to help.

"I look forward to finally settling in and beginning my work as provost of Mitakihara-Squamish."

The first classes are set to be held in September 2050, following the successful transition of Quest University Canada to Mitakihara University-Squamish.

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