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Fuuko Kurasaki "head over heels for Madoka"

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Fuuko Kurasaki "head over heels for Madoka"

By Bing Haarhuis
The Daily Magi
November 7, 2045

The reach of the Rose, Pink and White spreads far and wide. Fuuko Kurasaki is a student at Umesato Middle School in Tokyo, Japan but is a fan of Mitakihara University's athletics teams, primarily the football team. She has followed the game of football at a very young age and enjoys watching games on free-to-air.

With her long brown hair, sparkling aqua eyes and sparkling demeanor, Kurasaki is warming up to the possibility of attending a university like Mitakihara.

"Unlike the major universities here, Mitakihara University is more affordable and accessible," Kurasaki said in an interview on campus. "They have a very good computer science program. Since I like to play virtual MMORPGs, I would like to design a game myself and I believe I can do that by being a part of the computer science program at Madoka.

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Yui Hirasawa, former Mitakihara assistant coach and the godmother of Fuuko Kurasaki.

"When I was four, I first learned about the game of football from my godmother, Yui Hirasawa, whom I like to call Grandma Yui. She taught me about the rules of the game, the positions, the formations, the plays, the styles of offense and defense...basically a lot of terminology that she learned and utilized when she was a coach before returning to composing and playing music.

"I watched a lot of NFL and college football games via NFL Japan and NHK. One team that was always on the air was the Mitakihara Magi, and their trademark pink uniforms. I learned about the story of the university and the legacy it left in developing the leaders of tomorrow. A lot of famous people in Japan have claimed Madoka as their alma mater, and I thought, maybe this is the school for me.

"I am simply head over heels for Mitakihara University. I talked with Hime [Kuroyukihime] about the university and their tradition. She told me that she traveled back in time and saw how the university developed in its infancy and she was personally impressed with what she saw. I learned about the founder and her family, and I found out that the head coach of the football team is the founder's brother.

"Personally, I want to be admitted to Mitakihara, but I have to finish high school. But in order to finish high school, I need to finish middle school. I have a long way to go before I can even consider being a part of the history there. But once I do, I want to help organize the Homecomings there because I feel that Mitakihara University is home to the best rendition of Homecoming Week. No one else comes close."

Mitakihara host the Nevada Wolf Pack this week in Mountain West Conference play.

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