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Homura Akemi "proud to be Canadian"

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Homura Akemi "proud to be Canadian"

By Mei Wong
The Daily Magi
October 17, 2046

NOTE: a typo in a February 22, 2030 issue of the Daily Magi showed Homura Akemi's age as 41. Her correct age at the time was actually 32.

The week of February 22 is set aside by Mitakihara University to honor the university president, Homura Akemi, who was the head of the institution until the Office of the Chancellor was created in 2040. The Mitakihara University Rainbow Festival, honoring the flourishing LGBT community and one of the largest gay pride festivals in the world, is traditionally held during this week and has been so since 2015.

Akemi, born on February 22, 1997 in Mitakihara Town, Japan, is not lesbian, but rather a bisexual. Her wife is the university chancellor and founder, Dr. Madoka Kaname. And her husband is Dr. Kaname's brother, Tatsuya Kaname. In her youth, Akemi had the ability to stop time and use weapons of different forms and shapes. But once the current timeline was established, she moved to Canada and Mitakihara's sister city on Vancouver Island, also going by the same name, and took on a new calling: coaching a football team.

Akemi spent several years as an offensive coordinator and even became a head coach at LSU before returning to Canada. Soon after, she elected to go into administrative work in 2030, retiring from coaching at 32. One year later, she became the third University President and was the figurehead for the next nine years. Then, before 2040, she chose to create the Office of the Chancellor to allow her wife to once again be the ceremonial head of state, with former athletic director Sayaka Miki assuming the office of vice chancellor.

"I think that I have accomplished so much in over three decades of being a part of this fine institution," Akemi said at her office atop Kaname Hall. "I was a coach for a time, and then I got into the business of running this university, and it has been an enrichening experience, one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I remember the first-ever measure I approve as university president, and that was to make the Rosa Pink Wonder the official University Rose of Madoka. Now the Madoka Garden is full of those roses and a spacious garden of cherry trees that bloom monthly. As you know, the cherry blossom, or sakura, is the University Flower and honors the Japanese roots of this institution."

"For the first three decades, this university was run like an institution of higher learning in the United States, with the university president being the head. I enjoyed my time as the head of the university, but I realized that this didn't make a lot of sense. I had received complaints that we were not in line with the established governance forms in Canada. You see universities like McGill, Laval, Toronto, Queen's, York...they have Chancellors as their heads of state and the president being below them and the Vice-Chancellor.

"In the summer of 2039, I called an emergency meeting with the Board of Trustees to make a radical change in the governance of this institition. We agreed to make a number of changes. First, the Board of Trustees became the Board of Visitors. Second, the role of Visitor was created, and this was awarded to the Premier of British Columbia. Third, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor was created, with Sayaka Miki being the inaugural Vice-Chancellor for life. And fourth, the Office of the Chancellor was created, with Madoka taking the office for life. With these changes, we are in line with the governance of every institution in Canada.

"I am going to miss being the head of state, but I still have an important role in governing Mitakihara University. Since 2031, as the university president, it has been my role to oversee the academic administration of the university. Asuna Yuuki and Suguha Kirigaya are the provosts in the Main and Canberra campuses, respectfully, and they report all curricular, instructional and research affairs to me and Sayaka. Since Sayaka is my direct superior, she has the power to make the final decision, but she tends to defer special cases to Madoka, at which I carry them out without seconds, because she is my wife after all.

"49 years of being me has not been easy, but I've been in this timeline long enough to know that I am content with where I stand. I've been a magical girl, a football coach, a university president, a wife times two...and a full-time mom. I've been so content with how things have gone that I have gone back to tying my hair in braids and putting on glasses again.

"And I've had alumni come up to me and tell me how I've changed their lives. I've seen stories of leaders emerging in different professions, from industry to government to religion. All in all, they preach nothing but peace, hope, and fortitude. I want my students to leave this institution prepared to face the challenges in life. Madoka told me to face my fears and never hold anything back. She teaches those whose lives she touches to never stop believing and do what is right to help those you love, the community you are a part of, and yourself.

"I am proud to be Japanese and Canadian. And I have never felt more blessed to continue my role in guiding the heroes of tomorrow who are the Mitakihara Family members of today. This is the everlasting legacy I will remember and carry with me when I eventually take my place in the heavens with those I love so much...especially Madoka and Tatsuya."

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