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Magia Day a bittersweet moment for Eric Jenkins

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Magia Day a bittersweet moment for Eric Jenkins

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
November 11, 2047

Eric Jenkins looks on from the bleachers at practice, deeply immersed in his own thought process and his own fluctuating sanity. Earlier in the season, the Magi backup quarterback suffered a broken collarbone, ending his playing career as a Magi, and potentially his career playing football.

Jenkins doesn't like to think about the incident because he is not the type of person to be emotional over the events which changed him in a big way.

"I've always tried to be positive and understand that everything I do and everything that happens is for a reason. It's all a process, and there are some things I can't control," said Jenkins, who will be honored with the rest of the seniors at Magia Day 2047 this week at Mitakihara University. The Magi take on the Air Force Falcons. 

"In fact, the injury I suffered caused me to have a happier outlook on life. It caused me to change my thought process and value why I am here, why I am attending this university. I can here because of the energy I get being with the finest students from around the world.

"I had the chancellor visit me bedside when I was recovering from my injury, and I was able to recover significantly. But I can't play the game anymore, even though there might be a chance that I do play it, albeit faint. Dr. Kaname told me to wrap up my degree and get ready to join the workforce and contribute to society.

"This season has allowed me to be a leader and focus on the young players, the bulk of our team. As seniors, we have to set an example for the rest of the team and we motivate them to be accountable for themselves and do the right things. 

"One thing that I was moved by upon my recovery was when I walked back on to the field at Mitakihara Stadium last week, and the fans held up cards with my number and the words 'Eric, You Are Not Alone.' Everybody was holding up a card, smiling in the show. That was the first time I actually got emotional and cried, because I was overwhelmed by the support I received.

"I am healthy enough to run with the team, but I can't throw or utilize much mobility in my neck or arms. Coach Kaname told me that I am leading the team out of the tunnel, and that is going to fire me up more than anything. My teammates are dedicating this season to me and the hard work I did in contributing to our team's success.

"I don't want the Mitakihara Magi to win this game for me, though. I want them to win this for everyone they love. I want them to win it for this university, for this city and for Canada. That's what I want."

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