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Magia Day logo now official logo for Mitakihara Athletics

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Magia Day logo now official logo for Mitakihara Athletics

By Tori Sheng
The Daily Magi
February 14, 2048

The memory of the student-athletes on board Air Canada Flight AC 047 was perhaps the final nail in the coffin for the Mitakihara University Athletic Department to make its move and retire a logo that defined the athletic department for nearly four decades.

The Chibi-Madoka, as it has been affectionately known, was retired at the memorial service for the fallen members of the Mitakihara Family. During that service, the new logo for the athletics teams was unveiled: an abstract version of the university founder and chancellor, Dr. Madoka Kaname, in the form of a cross. 

Formerly the logo for the Magia Day event, the identity was loved so much by the faculty, students, staff, administration, boosters, parents and community that there was a push in 2040 to make this logo the new logo for athletics. The Madoka Crest will remain the secondary logo for the athletic teams.

As she brushed away a tear to say the names of the perished, athletic director Mami Tomoe feels that Mitakihara University has turned a corner in its maturity as a university for all people and for the world.

"These are the types of growing pains that make us stronger and more resilient as a university," Tomoe said at the service, which took place at Mitakihara Stadium. "Magia Day, in the end, never really needed a logo, and this is one that is more professional, more powerful and more compelling. It is reflective, assertive and dignified.

"This logo is known as the Madoka cross because from a distance, it looks like a small cross in rose, pink and white. She looks towards the West, a symbol of where we are in this country. We are the Jewel of the West, as mentioned in one of our fight songs. Alternatively, she is looking down towards the people she is indebted to, a watchful sentinel, the icon of hope that is the reason behind this university's existence and relevance.

"No one on this earth will ever forget the people that perished on that flight. They left this earth as champions, and now head into the heavens on the highest of highs. Their deaths will not have erased their legacy, which is now sealed and celebrated by all us here in Mitakihara Town.

"And so our current identity inspired us all to enjoy the life we live, the life we love, and the life we perpetuate through the ages. This is a logo that speaks far more volumes about teams, our history, our tradition, and the legacy that our Magi and Puella Magi have left and will leave. It is one of strength, one without fear, one with confidence and one that defines success.

"We Mitakiharans are winners by nature. It's in our blood. It's in our veins. And that being said, our logo will ensure that the winning tradition that we have instilled in all of our teams will never falter or change. This reminds us all to not forget that always somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember that are not alone."

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