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Meet Chiho Sasaki, Jack Dallaire's entrepreneurial wife

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Meet Chiho Sasaki, Jack Dallaire's entrepreneurial wife

By Mei Wong
The Daily Magi
September 11, 2046

Mitakihara Magi wide receiver Jack Dallaire has a wonderful wife as his loyal companion. Senior Chiho Sasaki is a Hotel and Restaurant Management major and has been married to Dallaire since the end of their freshman year. According to Sasaki, Dallaire and his mother Anko Kitashirakawa have been instrumental in guiding her future as a businesswoman and a hotel operator.

"I worked at McDonald's when I was in high school but when I came to Canada to study, there were few options for me to continue my career while in college," Sasaki said in an interview at Hakurei Centre as she watches the players practice on the artificial surface. "Mitakihara University was my one option, and I decided to take advantage of the new Hotel and Restaurant Management program out here.

"Not only was I able to ease into college life, I found my husband here in Mitakihara, as well an internship that I will be completing in the Spring. I work as a student assistant manager at the Lawson Station and I help Jack's mom Anko and her sister Tamako. I have to say that the work is a bit more demanding but a whole lot more rewarding.

"To me, Jack is better than Sadao Mao. I used to have a crush on him, but after he married Emi Yusa, I decided to leave him for Jack. I'm comfortable with telling him how I really feel about a lot of things. When it comes to knowing Jack, I know Jack. No pun intended, either. He allows me to be honest with myself, and he helps me with subjects not related to the major I am pursuing.

"Most of all, he's got the speed, the hands, and the intent on being a winner every single week. And he is a leader. He taught me how to raise my level of professionalism and accountability. Finally, he is the one person I am comfortable making love to. We now have a two-year old daughter, Charlotte Chika Sasaki-Dallaire. Chika likes to horseplay around Lawson Station, and she now knows how to make mochi just like her grandma.

"I'm so excited about the future for both of us. He wants to play in the NFL and use the money to get us a good house and move out of Canada, perhaps to Europe. But before all of that, I want us to finish our studies and earn out degrees. I am willing to move to wherever the NFL takes my husband, because when it comes to everything that matters in my life...he is the one man that I am more than willing to die for."

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