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New album from Mitakihara Glee Club coming out!

New album from Mitakihara Glee Club coming out!

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
December 13, 2047

The new album from the Mitakihara Glee Club is entitled "Fly Westward" and is available on iTunes for $19.99 CAN. This is a collection of covers from hits from the 1980's. The Glee Club, in recent years, has redesigned itself as a pop vocal ensemble, complete with student backing band. While it does do a capella, it is not as emphasized as in recent years, and it prides itself as the premier co-ed student chorus on campus.

"We are pretty excited at the release of our new album," said Glee Club president Amanda Tudor, a soprano that is a junior molecular biology major. "We picked some songs that our parents would listen to incessantly. We found out that the quality of music in the 1980s was far more better than what we have in this era.

"This album took four weeks to produce at M-Town Records, and we have a group of session musicians, all students, performing the backing melodies. In this album we are taking nostalgia to a whole new level. Old is new again with Fly Westward."

Track Listing:

1. Thorn In My Side
2. I Love A Rainy Night
3. Maniac
4. Forever Young
5. Don't You Want Me
6. One More Night
7. Bad Medicine
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday (feat. Mitakihara Ultimate Drumboys)
9. Down Under
10. Addicted To Love
11. Let's Hear It For The Boy
12. Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Glee Club)
13. Rock The Casbah
14. Suedehead
15. Careless Whisper
16. A Good Heart
17. Faithfully
18. Beat It
19. Small Town
20. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Bonus Track: Centerfold

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