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New Madoka Union nearing completion

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New Madoka Union nearing completion

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
September 13, 2047

A big, superdeformed version of Madoka Kaname, the founder and chancellor of Mitakihara Univesity, will be unveiled in October the biggest building on campus. For the past four years, the Mitikihara University Union was closed off to the public for a massive renovation. Now, that renovation is almost complete.

Due to open on Homecoming Week 2047, the new Madoka Union covers 600,000 square feet (55,741.8 m2), and serves as one of the most comprehensive unions in the world. The Madoka Union is the largest Student Union in the world and is as tall as One World Trade Center. 

The Union contains the modern 81-room Hotel Homuhomu at Mitakihara, maintained by the newly-created Mitakihara University School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration. The Homuhomu is named for current Mitakihara University President Homura Akemi and serves as a living classroom for Hotel and Restaurant Administration students while providing luxury boutique hotel services for guests.

The Union is also home to the luxurious, critically acclaimed Charlotte Club restaurant, a 1,000-seat theater, art exhibits, lounges, a computer lab, offices for Mitakihara Associated Students and all student organizations, meeting rooms, an extensive food court, a pool with 500-seat concert hall on the roof, a bowling alley, a branch of the Madoka Bookstore, a recreation center, post office, travel agency, athletic ticket office, and multiple university offices. Many student organizations, including the Mitakihara Associated Students Activities Board (MASAB), are centered at the Madoka Union.

The Madoka Union will be unveiled on the Tuesday of Homecoming Week 2047.

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