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Rika Shinozaki named provost of the Mitakihara Japan Campus

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Rika Shinozaki named provost of the Mitakihara Japan Campus

By Mei Wong
The Daily Magi
December 5, 2046

Today, it was announced that Rika Shinozaki was named the provost of the Japan Campus at Mitakihara University, in a press conference held at Tsukino Centre. Shinozaki is currently the Associate Provost at the main campus under the tutelage of Asuna Yuuki, the University Provost.

"We are excited to have Ms. Rika Shinozaki become our first Japan Campus Provost," said university vice-chancellor Sayaka Miki at the press conference. "We originally wanted to delay the announcement until later, but we decided to make it public. Her leadership and loyalty is unquestioned, and she has been a great asset to our student body.

"For the time being, she will remain Associate Provost until April 1, 2050, when she becomes the Provost of the Japan Campus. We congratulate Ms. Shinozaki on her accomplishment and look forward to her efforts in promoting our reputation in Japan."

"Personally, I feel very honored to be given an opportunity to be leading the way and to be given this position as Provost of the Japan Campus," Shinozaki said. "It is exciting to know that we are promoting this world-class institution and the concepts of the West and beyond to our beloved sister city in across the Pacific.

"I bring many years of experience and I feel that Asuna [Yuuki] has taught me very well in being a leader here at Mitakihara University. The Japan College, from what I understand, is a liberal arts college and I will treat my jurisdiction as such, as well as a part of Madoka.

"I would like to thank everyone in the Mitakihara Family for bestowing on me this honor of being a provost."

The Mitakihara Magi football team face the Colorado State Rams this Saturday in the 2046 Mountain West Championship Game.

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