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Tatsuya Kaname wondering why Madoka still give up safeties

Tatsuya Kaname wondering why Madoka still give up safeties

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
November 9, 2047

As he watched his Mitakihara Magi football team, now donning their cold-weather track suits, run a staggering 78 laps on the track in the snow following the team's 122-39 victory over the Nevada Wolf Pack, head coach Tatsuya Kaname was scratching his head, wondering why his offensive line continued to fail to protect their quarterback and surrender safeties.

"That Jonathan Whitworth is going to be something special," Kaname said, watching the player jog the track. "For a freshman to deliver a safety against us on our home turf...that takes a gift and some guts. I am in disbelief that we allow these linebackers to cheese up the blitz like a bunch of mongs in the trog cycle.

"We plan to address this trend heading into Magia Day next week because this trend of giving up safeties needs to stop."

Quarterback Anonymous Anonymous passed for 299 yards and three touchdowns while rushing for 212 yards and five touchdowns. Halfback Cory Jackson ran for 234 yards and four more majors. Wide receiver Avery Clark had seven catches for 187 yards and a score.

Wide receiver Allen Summers, left guard David Singleton and Clark each had 31 pancakes to lead the blockers. Left end CHad Estes led the defense with five sacks while right end Jake Crawford added 3.5 sacks and middle linebacker Daiki Asuka III added 15 tackles.

Mitakihara improve to 10-0 and face the Air Force Falcons next week in Magia Day 2047.

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