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Tatsuya Kaname's contract extended once again

Tatsuya Kaname's contract extended once again

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
January 20, 2047

Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname was given a new three-year contract following the Magi's 35th national championship. The contract is worth $5 million CAN, and the objectives are the same: win a BCS bowl game, finish a season in the BCS Top 10, win 12 games in a season, and perform relatively well in conference play.

"We are very confident that Tatsuya can continue the fine work in leading our student athletes because we have come to recognize that as his calling card," said athletic director Mami Tomoe. "Mitakihara University is proud to have Coach Tatsuya Kaname back at the helm."

"I find it to be an exciting adventure when it comes to these things because you can't find it anywhere else," Coach Kaname says. "I've met players from different walks of life, and they are all bound by the common thread: that of being a national champions. National championships happen here at Mitakihara University.

"And as coach, I plan to continue that tradition of winning. We're already making plans for our next recruiting campaign, we're hosting seminars and workshops and really doing everything to get our name across."

The 2047 Magi football schedule will be determined at a later date.

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