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The Battle of the Bands: a Homecoming Tradition since 2015

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The Battle of the Bands: a Homecoming Tradition since 2015

By Jeff Danforth-Manning
The Daily Magi
January 19, 2047

In June of 2015, plans were set in motion for a rock music competition that would become one of the signature events for Homecoming Week at Mitakihara University: the Battle of the Bands. Held at Usagi Tsukino Centre, the Battle has become a massive draw, bringing in different bands from across Canada and even the world.

The original Battle of the Bands featured seven artists, all local talent. But after word spread via social media of the financial and record label incentives, the Battle is now Canada's equivalent of Eurovision.

In 2016, Madoka TV, the university-owned channel, became the broadcaster of the show, and now there were 20 acts from across Canada. At that point, a system for voting for their favorite performers took place: a mix of jury and televote throughout all the provinces and territories took place, and the Eurovision point system was adopted.

It's an event that has had its share of drama and close finishes, as well as some of its lighter moments. The 2019 winner, Astropham of Kitchener, Ont., performed a cover of Iron Maiden's "Dance of Death" while dressed in clergyman outfits and handlebar moustaches. In 2026, winners Codabra from Winnepeg, Man. performed their winning composition on a mattress made of glass shards. Ouch.

The longtime organizer of the Battle, Board of Visitors members Priss Asagiri (who will step down in 2050), has been entertained by the talent and originality of the bands.

"These bands that come here to compete are really good," Asagiri said. "Our last winner, Shyler, comes from Warsaw and they performed a rousing rendition of New Year's Day. Most of our winners are Canadian, since a majority of entries come from here.

"A number of our winners have gone of to successful careers in the music industry, so the Battle of the Bands is a proving ground for the best in Canadian and world rock.

"I think this is a tradition that all Canadians and all members of the Mitakihara Family can be proud of. This is our Eurovision."

List of Battle Of The Bands Winners 2015-2046

2015: Barrel With Steer, New Westminster, B.C.
2016: The Heathens, Calgary, Alb.
2017: But Who Was Cellphone?, Vancouver, B.C.
2018: The Mong Cycle, Mitakihara, B.C.
2019: Astropham, Kitchener, Ont.
2020: Lyka Hoss, Red Deer, Alb.
2021: Torch In Yer Rear, St. John's, Nfld.
2022: Good Morning, Regina, Alb.
2023: Teabaggers and Trogs, Saint John, N.B.
2024: The Corrosion, Kelowna, B.C.
2025: East-West-North-South, Antigonish, N.S.
2026: Codabra, Winnepeg, Man.
2027: The Mermaid Men, Tokyo, Japan
2028: The Barnacle Boys, Osaka, Japan
2029: The Illegal Eagles, Charleston, U.S.A.
2030: Gedda Rhume, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2031: Toy Planet, Seoul, South Korea
2032: The Invisible Golddiggers, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
2033: G-Golly, Toronto, Ont.
2034: The Stan James Project, Hamilton, Ont.
2035: Seems Legit, Vancouver, B.C.
2036: Millwall Munchies, Saskatoon, Sask.
2037: Stiff McGriff, Medicine Jaw, Sask.
2038: Zykosis, Paris, France
2039: Help! I Need A Doctor!, Surrey, B.C.
2040: Too Much To Love, Edmonton, Alb.
2041: For Great Justice, Mitakihara, B.C.
2042: The TK Five, Seattle, U.S.A.
2043: Mister Spark, Liege, Belgium
2044: This Is Getting Ridiculous, Vancouver, B.C.
2045: Sons of the Sun, Mitakihara, B.C.
2046: Shyler, Warsaw, Poland

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