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Coach Kaname under fire for playing a "soft schedule"

Coach Kaname under fire for playing a "soft schedule"

By Gil Rivas
The Daily Magi
August 2, 2049

The local press have criticized Mitakihara Magi football coach Tatsuya Kaname for electing to go with a schedule that is far lighter than previous seasons. There are only three opponents on Madoka's 2049 schedule that are ranked: #16 Notre Dame, #20 Hawai'i and #23 UNLV.

Glenn Shebeck, a sports columnist for The Province, called the schedule as "a disgrace to sport and to competition. Nothing but easy opponents left and right. I am making a fearless prediction that the Magi will NOT win the BCS title game this year because they are not going to be in the top two. You can count them out."

Mary Wollsley, a writer for the Vancouver Sun, didn't mince her words either. In her piece, entitled, "Credens Defectum," she writes, "The Mitakihara Magi have, for many years, developed a taste to play with the best teams in college football—year in, year out—and they have done so successfully. For Coach Tatsuya Kaname to sell out his long-term visions of success for the Magi football program, that is a slap in the face of Canadians everywhere. This year's soft schedule reflects the pink colors used by its student-athletes, and the university itself."

Another writer, H.G. "Hig" Botha of the Globe and Mail, labeled the schedule for the Magi football team as something "that not even a six-year old could envision. And we know six-year-olds want the best there is. The only good opponent in this schedule is Notre Dame. A 1-11 season is par for the course."

Finally, Samantha Stuyvesant, a columnist for the National Post, wrote this: "Mitakihara Athletics have to ask themselves: do we want our teams to push themselves to the limits or not? With the schedule of this year's football team, we may as well have been using barbells made of balloons."

Coach Kaname, when asked of the schedule, was glib and smug.

"How long have these reporters followed Mitakihara Athletics? Since last year?" he asked the press. "Cue the refresher course: some of our nonconference opponents are teams that a few select underclassmen transfer to. That's been part of our tradition for years. Secondly, you must understand that we play in the Mountain West Conference. It's not exactly one of the strongest conferences in the country. We have been lifting the profile of the conference for nearly a decade.

"Finally, if we only do well enough to play in the Rose Bowl, that's okay. 13-0, and a Rose Bowl appearance, that's fine. And you know why? The only postseason game we've ever won in our history...has been the national championship. So if we get assigned to another game while being unbeated, it's no skin off our teeth. It's good to let someone else take it all, as long as we finish unbeaten."

The Magi open up the season on Aug. 28 against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Battle of the Angels.

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