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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: January 11, 2049

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: January 11, 2049

By Gil Rivas
The Daily Magi
January 11, 2049

Driving back from work in the snow, Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname returned to the warm confines of the Kaname House, where he, his sister-wife Dr. Madoka Kaname, and his other wives: Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura lived. Mami, Sayaka, Homura and Kyouko were out of town. Tatsuya's son, Akiyuki, moved closer to campus with his wife Chiwa and lived not too far from his father's house.
[Image: 0rw2.jpg]

The Kaname family hired a chambermaid to do some of the housekeeping, a young teen local from Nanaimo District named Elise Landry. After parking inside, Tatsuya opened the door. "Welcome back, Master!" Elise said with a wink.
"Hello there, Elise. Busy as always?"
"Oh yes, I have been tidying things up for you, Master Tatsuya. Milady is waiting for you in her quarters. With bated breath, it seems."
"Tempting. Well, with all the other women out of town, there's only one Milady here. I shall investigate. Thank you. You keep up the good wood, Elise."
"Yes, Master." After he gave Elise a peck on the cheek, he put away his coat and walked upstairs.

"Hello, Madoka," Tatsuya said to her, walking in. "What are you up to?"
"I am always on the lookout for new, exciting spells to cast on myself and others," she said, examining the contents of a sealed vial.
"What's that?"
"This is a new potion I have developed. It allows me to regress to a certain age for one year."
"What? Are you kidding?"
"And with a kiss, its effects can also carry over to others."
"Wait a minute here. Are you telling me that you can turn back the clock with this?"
He put his hands on his hips. "I'm not sure our son is going to approve of you being younger."
"Don't worry!" Madoka said. "Once the time passes, a flash of light will take place and I'll be back to my current age. Plus one year, of course."
"Let's give this a try," she said, opening the vial. She gave it a drink. A flash of light blinded Tatsuya's eyes before he opened them. 

[Image: gim9.jpg]

He couldn't believe what he saw. It was the Madoka he made love to when he was younger. So angelic. So cute. So...innocent.
"Madoka..." Tatsuya whispered, speechless. She slowly walked to Tatsuya and gave him a kiss. Another flash of light. Tatsuya looked at himself as the light died down. He was only wearing just a pair of blue swim shorts. And he was younger. Much younger.
"Wehihihihihi!" she giggled. She put the bow away and they both lay on the bed. Tatsuya looked at Madoka, enchanted by her figure.
"So...we didn't regress all the way..." he said, trying to suppress his urges for lust.
"I didn't want to be 14 because my chest would not be the size I wanted. So instead, we're now 16 again."
"But I don't understand," Tatsuya said, undoing Madoka's top and caressing her voluptuous breasts as he laid on top of her. "Why are we being young again? Why do I have this feeling to make love to you this way?" He couldn't control his urges. He was known for being virile in his fourth year of coaching, and his desire was ignited.
"Tatsuya," said Madoka as she felt her core being stimulated. "I want us to have one more child. I want Akiyuki to have a little brother that is old enough to be his son."
Tatsuya was sucking on Madoka's chest, all restraint gone. "Strawberry milk?"
"How is it?"
"It strawberry milk..."
"Is it good?"
"Better than anything I've ever tasted. Well...I can say that...because it's coming from you. I've made up my mind, Madoka. I want you, and I want your all now!"
Madoka orgasmed. "Ahhhhhh!" Tatsuya pulled down her lover's panties and worked on that spot between her legs, his tongue flicking quickly and causing her orgasms to be even more pronounced and vocal. She was sweating, and she was not turning back Quickly, he tossed aside his clothes and her clothes and undid Madoka's hair bows. That triggered Madoka to wrap her arms and legs around Tatsuya, who drove himself into her, easily reaching her spot on the first try.
"I'm floating! I'm...floating! This is so fucking fantastic!" Tatsuya exclaimed, driving harder into her, his thirst for sex and coming into her reaching its peak.
"Give me your all, Tatsuya! I want us to be one again!" Madoka cried, the motions getting faster and harder.
"HYAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" they both cried, unloading their everything into each other before collapsing into each other's arms. Their breathing was hitched, but they did it. It was done. Tatsuya embraced Madoka, caressing her ass as their legs were tangled, the passion and lust reaching its resolution, the scent of love pervading the room.
"I love you, Madoka," Tatsuya said, running his fingers through her lover's pink locks, caressing her face, wiping away a tear of joy before kissing her.
"I love you too, Tatsuya," she said, still crying. He was crying too. This feeling they had was unlike any other. One long kiss later, they fell asleep, a trail of saliva connecting their mouths.

Two hours later, Tatsuya's son, Akiyuki, entered the house. "Is Dad here?" he asked Elise, looking around. 
"He's in Milady's bedroom," she said, sweeping the floor. She pretended she didn't hear the sounds of passion upstairs. But even her clothes were stained with frustration. And her nose bled just a little.
"Is your nose...bleeding?"
"Don't ming me, Master Akiyuki. Just go see him."
"Okay..." He walked up the stairs, still suspicious of Elise's nosebleed. 

At last, he reached the room, and opened the door. "Mom, Dad, I'm here to see you...what the...? Huh?! What are you two kids doing in my mom's bedroom? Put your clothes on and get out of here!"
"No, Akiyuki, it's me, your Dad!" Tatsuya said. "I can explain!"
"Akiyuki! Show some respect to your mother!" Madoka said, annoyed.
"Mom? Dad? Why are you...what happened to both of you?" Akiyuki asked, still confused.
"Your Mom," Tatsuya said, draping a pink Mitakihara hoodie around Madoka to keep her warm before putting on his shorts and a shirt, "developed a potion that allows her to turn back the clock and become young for one year. She reverted to a 16-year old."
"She gave me one of her trademark kisses of love and I ended up turning 16 for one year."
"Both of us were able to have the most amazing sex in decades. Your mom is now pregnant."
"What!?" Akiyuki fainted and fell on the floor before Tatsuya propped him back up on a chair. "You mean to tell me you did this so I could have a younger sibling of my own!?"
"You seem surprised, Akiyuki," Madoka said, putting back on her underwear and hair bows before putting on her hoodie, looking out the window.
"He looks really surprised, honey," Tatsuya said.
"Oh, for crying out loud," Akiyuki said, walking over to the bed to rest next to his age-regressed mother.
"I'm going to head downstairs to look at a DVR of our game against USC," Tatsuya said. "You talk to Madoka for a bit. Later...Dad."
"I'm not your Dad, I'm your son!" Akiyuki shot back, shaking an anger-veined fist. "Oh dear..."
"Wehihihihihi!" Madoka giggled.
"This room is hot. Take off your hoodie, Mom."
"Ehhhh, but I like this."
"I don't want you to burn to death, take it off."
"Sheesh..." She complied, and Akiyuki responded by embracing her and drawing her closer to him. Madoka closed her eyes.
"Mom...I don't need a younger sibling," Akiyuki said, looking across the room, taking a whiff of her strawberry scented pink hair. "Why did you do this? You and Dad! Why?"
"The old saying goes that you're only young once," Madoka said, hearing her son's heartbeat. "But as a Goddess, I can change that at my own discretion. So I decided to experience it again. I guess I'm off to a good start."
"You know that you don't need to be young and look like this, because that means...I could have an Oedipus Rex complex any time soon. Anyway, once you give birth to the child, what's gonna happen?"
"I want you to take care of it," Madoka said.
"Mmm-hmmm. Chiwa-chan can handle taking care of another child, right? She loves kids, you know."
"Yeah, but...all right. I guess I can handle you and Dad looking like my younger sister and brother."
"There you go! Now we're getting somewhere! Wehihihi!"
"I just hope the others are fine with you looking like this." One hour later, after some tea and snacks, Akiyuki returned home.

The next day, as Akiyuki got ready to visit the others, who came back from being out of town, he could not believe it.
"Akiyuki, hello," Homura said.
"Akiyuki-san, good morning," Mami said.
"Yo, Aki," Kyouko said with a nod.
"This is amazing! I am young again!" Sayaka exclaimed.
"Hey Dad, er, son," Tatsuya said, embararrassed. "Ahahahahahah..."
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Akiyuki wailed, failing to his knees, pounding the pavement through his tears of defeat. For the next 12 months, they were ALL his younger siblings, his parents were. "Such misfortune!"

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