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By Gil Rivas
The Daily Magi
October 3, 2049

Some time after the game between the Mitakihara Magi and Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, Dr. Madoka Kaname was discharged from the hospital and was physically exhausted after giving birth to her new children, Shiroyuki and Reika. Her oldest child, Magi football quarterbacks coach Akiyuki Kaname, drove her back to the Kaname house, where a similarly exhausted Homura Akemi was waiting. She had been working overtime from her office up in Kaname Hall.

Madoka and Homura both fell into a deep slumber, embracing each other. For the time being, the twins were in the care of Akiyuki and his wife Chiwa. Tatsuya arrived at the house at midnight and retired to his own quarters.

Sunday came, and as Tatsuya woke up, he went over to Madoka's room to see how she was doing. He figured that she had returned home after giving birth. Tatsuya opened the door and found Madoka and Homura embracing each other, still asleep like little angels.

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Tatsuya smiled. Madoka was doing well, and he figured that she and Homura needed the full day off on her birthday. After giving both of them a kiss, he put on a shirt, tie, slacks, a pink sweater and a pink trucker hat, headed to the garage and took out his bicycle for a ride on the town.

Biclycling was something Tatsuya wanted to do every now and then but he couldn't because he was a coach. However, even head football coaches needed to get in shape, and this was the way he could do it. He rode through alleyways, highways, and rode to Victoria and back.

As he rode on his bicycle, Tatsuya came to terms with his own well-being, and who he was as a person. "I am 53 years old in reality; I am not 16," he said to himself. "When this spell expires, I will be just another guy, another grandfather, another dad." And the big question he wanted to ask himself was, "When am I going to retire?"

Tatsuya Kaname loved coaching the game. He loved being out on the sidelines, teaching players the game of football and watching his coaching tree expand and grow. But, there came a point in his life where this was going to end. At some point in his career, he had to call it quits. He wasn't going to do it just yet, but at some point in his life, perhaps in his mid-70s, it was going to happen.

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