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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 14, 2049

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 14, 2049

By Gil Rivas
The Daily Magi
September 14, 2049

Haruyuki Arita, a recruit from Tokyo, Japan, had flown in on a late night flight from Narita to Vancouver International Airport. Arriving by ferry with his fiancee Kuroyukihime, Haru checked into one of the youth hostels outside campus, which was reserved for them by the Mitakihara University Athletic Department. The dorm room they shared had everything they needed: nothing less, nothing more. But this was where they would stay for the entire week until they had to fly back home.

After a good night's rest, it was time for the two of them to visit the campus. "I wonder if the university has changed since the last time I saw the place in person?" Hime wondered, lost in thought as a limousine drove them to the university.
" were able to go back in time and see this place yourself?" Haru asked, stupefied.
"Yes, yes I was," she said. "Now that I am in the current timeline, I now know how everything started and how the university grew. Truly an amazing story."
"I guess I'll take your word for it, Saku-chan."
As they arrived on campus, another recruit came to greet them. He was tall, had a strong frame, and looked like a leaner, taller version of him. "Are you Haruyuki Arita?" he asked.
"That's me," he said. "I'm not good at English yet."
"I can speak in Japanese if you want. How about this?" he said in Haru and Hime's tongue.
"Much better. What is your name?"
"Nakazawa. Yuzuru Nakazawa, but my English first name is Jeff. I'm also being recruited by Mitakihara's football team."
"Wow. Well...should we take a look around?"
"I guess so."
"By the way, I am Sakura Kuroda, but you can call me Kuroyukihime," said Haru's partner, bowing.
"Miss Hime, a pleasure to meet you. Let's take a look around." So they did. Along the way, Haru bought a bouquet of flowers.

[Image: 9daq.png]
Azusa Nakano and Yui Hirasawa, Jeff Nakazawa's grandmothers.

"Here's a fact that you may not know," said Jeff as the three of them continued to tour the different buildings on campus. "One of my great-great-great-granduncles is Ernest Borgnine. He was a wonderful actor and comedian."
"Interesting," Haru said.
"Another fact that I am so proud to share: one of the former assistant coaches was Yui Hirasawa. She and Azusa Nakano are my grandmothers. I claim Tsumugi Kotobuki, Mio Akiyama, Ui Hirasawa and Ritsu Tainaka as my grand-aunts. So, Hokago Tea Time form a good deal of my grandparents."
"Hokago Tea Time...they were that multi-platinum rock band, right?"
"They were until they retired from performing live two decades ago. Now they have gone into music production and session work. My grandmother Azusa owns a record shop in Sakuragaoka Town, which is part of Tokyo. I called Grandma Yui and she was excited to know that I am chasing my dream of playing for the school she used to coach."
"What a story," said Hime.

[Image: 541px-Ernest-Borgnine_2004.JPEG]
Ernest Borgnine, one of Jeff Nakazawa's great-great-great-granduncles.

"But back to talking about my great-great-great-granduncle Ernest. I am mostly Japanese, sansei to be exact, but I have a drop of Caucasian blood in me. Old Man Ernest was known for extolling the praises of pretzel towns."
"Pretzel towns?" Haru asked, the three of them strolling the Madoka Garden.
"Yeah, pretzel towns. I was born and raised here, in the City of the Future, Mitakihara, but as the years rolled on and I got more aware of my surroundings, I realized that this place was just another pretzel town."
"What's a pretzel town?" Hime asked, confused.
"Old Man Ernest never disclosed the definition. He said in a written note, 'It's up to you to find the true definition of what I sing praises about, pretty boy.' So, I came up with this conclusion."
"Go on," Haru said, prodding him to go on.
"You know how pretzels are made of flour, malt, salt and water and all that? Simple ingredients? When you bite into a pretzel, you are reminded of how tough it is to live life if you are not ready for the challenges. You have to be salty, tough, resilient and keep things simple and straightforward. Just like a pretzel."
"I guess...that makes a lot of sense." In the distance, the Marching Ultimates were practicing a piece called "Forearm Shiver (The Lineman)."

"A change of plans," Hime told Haru and Jeff as they got to the stairs of a floor at the Hakurei Centre.
"What's next?" Jeff asked.
"I'm going to visit some other places on campus, maybe sit in a session just to get the feel. I think if we all meet at the Food Court at 2 for lunch, that would be good."
"Good idea," Jeff said. "As for me, I will go ahead and leave you here, Haruyuki, so that you can meet the coach. I'm going to talk to some players and professors."
"See you, Saku-chan and Jeff," Haru said. "Thanks!" And he went up the stairs.

[Image: bqh6.jpg]

"Are you Haruyuki Arita?" asked Akiyuki Kaname, who was posing as his father for this week.
"That's me," he said. "Are you Coach Tatsuya Kaname?"
Akiyuki looked inside the room and snuck an annoyed look at his father, his mother, and his aunts, who were flashing thumbs-up signs and smiled. He turned to Haru. "Of course it's me, why do you ask?"
"'s nothing."
"Come on in, come on in, I've been expecting you!" Akiyuki said, waving him over.
"Thank you. Did you bring your kids here?" Haru asked. "You've got quite a big family."
"I sure do. I'm quite the dad, aren't I, kids!"
"You rock, Papa!" the others said in unison.
"How do you like the campus?"
"It's great. I love this university. Friendly people, a gorgeous setting. It's fantastic. Coach, I have been looking for Dr. Kaname. She's the founder and chancellor of the school and I wanted to give these flowers to her as a symbol of my gratitude."
"She's right there, with the others," Akiyuki said.
"Huh?" He blinked. "But isn't the chancellor also...your sister, coach?"
"Actually, Haruyuki. I'm not Coach Kaname. I'm Coach Kaname's son, Akiyuki, the quarterbacks coach of the team."
"I'm the person you're looking for!" said Tatsuya, walking over to shake Haru's fat hand, causing him to drop his bouquet.
"Let me get that," Akiyuki said, handing it to Madoka, who giggled as she took a whiff.
"Hello, Haru. I'M Coach Tatsuya Kaname, and welcome to Mitakihara University. These are my wives."
"You have five wives?" Haru exclaimed. "Canada allows polygamy!?"
Tatsuya got it up. "Introduce yourselves, my dears!" he exclaimed in Japanese and English. They were all dressed in their old gym uniforms and bloomers.

[Image: 67h1.jpg]

"Mami Tomoe, athletic director."
"Homura Akemi, university president."
"You know me, Dr. Madoka Kaname, the founder and chancellor of Mitakihara University."
"Sayaka Miki, vice-chancellor."
"Kyouko Sakura, sports information director and former defensive coordinator of the football team," she said, eating a donut.
At the point, Haruyuki turned into a pig. "What is this, I don't even!? You look like my peers? You can't be who you are. Coach Akiyuki, explain to me what the heck happened here! They can't be who they say they are!"
"Mom, you're the Goddess, you can tell him straight-up," Akiyuki said.
"I created a potion that allows me to be younger for one year. And if I kiss others, they they are younger too. I have to say that the potion is a success."
"Potion? Younger? You're supposed to be in your 50s, Dr. Kaname!" Haru said, flailing his short cloves.
"My wife wanted another child," Tatsuya said, "so she developed the potion, I turned young, we both had sex, she's now pregnant, then she kissed, Homura, Mami, Sayaka and Kyouko and now we're all teenagers until next January. In body and mind. We're still able to do our jobs, though."
"And why are you ladies wearing that?" Haru asked, blushing wildly. "You shouldn't be wearing those clothes in a business setting! It's unprofessional!"
"We just went on a run with our husband," Kyouko said. "This is our off day. We'll be back to work tomorrow."
"And I'll let you in something unique," Akiyuki said to Haru, who was already traumatized at the scene. "My parents, Tatsuya and Madoka...are siblings by blood."
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Haru tried to run for it but he was a pig, and he was easily reeled in by the girls, who turned him into their toy.
"Such a bother," Akiyuki said with a sigh.
"Yare yare," Tatsuya said smugly, shrugging his shoulders.
"Saku-chan!" Haruyuki said, clearly stimulated despite his distress. "Saku-chan, saaaaaave meeeeee!" This was going to be one interesting official visit, if one could call it that.

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