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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 7, 2049

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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: September 7, 2049

By Gil Rivas
The Daily Magi
September 7, 2049

"Time for me to make a video-conference call," said Mitakihara Magi football coach Tatsuya Kaname from his front office at Hakurei Centre. Pressing a button, he dialed a few numbers, and was able to get in touch with a recruit that he had his eyes on for a number of years: Haruyuki "Haru" Arita. His friend, wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi, had already committed to the Magi, but Coach Kaname wanted Haru to finally realize his dream of being the next big signal-caller at the school.

The phone rang at Haruyuki's house. Kuroyukihime, who also went by the name Sakura Kuroda, was there, and she was sleeping. "Get it, Haru," Kuroyukihime said, yawning, schlicking a little bit. Haru, in his pig form, went over and answered, and a monitor popped up.

"Hello?" he asked.
"Is this Haruyuki Arita?" Coach Kaname said, conversing in Japanese.
"Yes, this is me," he said.
"Hello Haru! It's me, Coach Tatsuya Kaname of the Mitakihara University Magi."
"Oh, hello Coach! How are you?"
"Excellent. Why do you look like a pig?"
"I have the ability to transform into a pig when I don't have anything else to do. Also personal preference."
"You look cute, Haru."
"Gee, thanks, Coach," he said, blushing.
"Hey, listen. We know that you are a quarterback that wants to play here at Mitakihara, so we are giving you an opportunity to experience life here on campus."
"Really?" His eyes lit up.
"Yep. We're flying you and one other person to Canada and ferry you over from Vancouver to Mitakihara Town so that you can spend a few days on campus checking out the scenes here. AND, you get to watch us play and talk to the players, myself, some of the coaches and even some professors."
"Really? Wow!"
"This is an official visit, and you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the mystique of the Mitakihara Family. My sister, Madoka, is the chancellor of this school and she would love to chat with you and your love interest, Kuroyukihime."
"Saku-chan? So, me and Saku-chan and heading to Canada to see you all next week?"
"That's the deal."
"Absolutely. We would be thrilled to come to Canada and watch you play."
"I just have a question: can your quarterback pass for over 200 yards?"
"One of the nice things about our Puella Magi Option attack is that it combines the option with the spread offense. So not only will you see us run the football, but we will pass it. I kid you not. We'll do our best to air it out, just for you, because you, Haruyuki, are the VIP next week and everybody on campus will give you the royal treatment. You and Saku-chan."
"Thanks, Coach. Oh, Saku-chan is sleeping, but I will let her know so that we can get ready."
"I will email you your tickets and all the other important material so that you have a place to stay and everything is taken care of," Coach Kaname said. "We look forward to seeing you here in Canada in a few days!"
"Thanks, Coach. Take care."
"You too. Bye-bye." And he hung up. Tatsuya punched the air in celebration. Everything was going to plan.

"Mmmmm, what happened?" Kuroyukihime said, stretching. "Who were you talking to?"
"Saku-chan," Haru said to her. "We're heading to Canada."
"Oh. My. GOD."

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