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Hours of meditation a key component in 2048 campaign

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Hours of meditation a key component in 2048 campaign

By Tori Sheng
The Daily Magi
December 15, 2048

Meditation sessions in the Madoka Garden are a new frontier for the 2048 Mitakihara Magi football team. Head coach Tatsuya Kaname recommended the minimum, known as the "2-3-4-5" Rule: two hours of meditation per day, three days a week, four days a month, five months a year. Some players elected to go beyond the minimum.

Combined, the Magi football team's minutes of meditation equated to 525,600, or one full year. The power of keeping the mind, body and soul in focus has been instrumental in keeping the players humble and putting the interests of the team above the individual. Meditation sessions take place on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays inside the Garden's tea house.

Coach Kaname was impressed by the players choosing to buy into the new concept and in the process sow the seeds of what he hopes to be a new tradition among the team.

"Our players have a life force inside them that drives them to compete," Coach Kaname said this week on campus. "But there are times where they cannot control their life force, and they need to bring it back to the center and develop the positive traits of peace: love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. On the battlefield of the gridiron, our opponent is our enemy, but off it, our opponents are our brothers, dedicated to the sport of our choosing.

"The team uses these meditation sessions to un-confuse the one part of their soul that is corrupted by the world around them: their mind. Thanks to the soul gems inside the tea house, I am able to cleanse my players of their troubles and allow them to meditate and focus on the task at hand, whatever it may be.

"In this world, you can only control what you can control. You approach the beast that is inside you and befriend it and channel the energy of the beast into energy that can win the day, on the field or off the field. Once that beast is tamed, petted, and turned into a gentle, protective animal, you walk with it, forward, aware of who you are, how far you have come, and what you want to do with your life.

"We are a university that promotes peace, love, tolerance, equality, justice and a commitment to community and country. Through meditation, the players are reminded of why they are here, the purpose behind our university's existence, and why the bigger picture, the master plan, must be emphasized over the games they play.

"500 battles won is nothing compared to the ongoing war in the outside world, the race to survive and live for tomorrow. Our players know that once they graduate from Mitakihara, the greatest challenge in life will await them: the fear of the unknown. It will seduce them, it will tempt them, it will try to unsettle them. But as men of character and accountability, as men of resolve and assertiveness and confidence, they will be ready and the challenge will disappear, never to be witnessed again.

"But our players should never stop meditating once they finish their degrees. If they are just doing this to fulfill our team requirements, they are oblivious to the real meaning behind meditation. The intrinsic dynamics are prioritized over the extrinsic dynamics, and the players embrace these dynamics over the others.

"Next year, I hope to see a little more than a year from this team. But, a year will suffice, if time management is not on their side."

The Magi face the USC Trojans at Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida in the 2049 BCS National Championship Game.

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