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Madoka blow past Colorado State, 239-24

Madoka blow past Colorado State, 239-24

By Gil Rivas
The Daily Magi
September 25, 2049

Quarterback Robert Harwell passed for 465 yards and six touchdowns while rushing for 136 yards and four more scores as Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi drubbed the Colorado Stater Rams, 239-24, at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara Town, B.C. A healthy mix of pass and run, as well as some brilliant pass rushing, turnover-forcing and special teams returning, were the order of the day against an overmatched Rams squad.

Backup quarterback Willie Jones passed for 113 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 156 yards and two more majors. Halfback Tommy Washington ran for 77 yards and five scores, halfback Rob Wade ran for 89 yards and a touchdown, halfback Marques Murray ran for 38 yards and a major and fullback John Nelson ran for 91 yards and a touchdown.

Wide receiver Nate White led the way with five catches for 156 yards and three touchdowns, while wideout Mike Smith caught a couple of passes for 124 yards and a score. Also with a catch for a touchdown were Wade, Washington, wideout Timothy Fernando and tight end Travis Murphy. Wideout Justin Rucker led the blockers with 12 panckaes, while Smith and White had 11 each.

Freshman free safety Larry Bernard led the tacklers on defense with 18, but he wasn't the star of the show on the Morning Rescue D. That honor belonged to senior strong safety Andy Williams, who had five interceptions and four interceptions, including one going the whole 100 yards for a pick six. Right outside linebacker Derrick Bowman led in sacks with seven and middle linebacker Steve Meyer added six. Right end Lawrence Blair and left end Travis Parrish also had five sacks each, while cornerback Shedrick Johnson had three picks.

"This was another solid effort from the team, but we also gave up a few sacks, especially late in the second half," said Coach Kaname. "No matter what the margin, our offensive line need to stop sleeping and continue working on stopping the pass rush because that is the strategy that our opponents will be using from now on."

Madoka improve to 4-0 and host the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers next week in Homecoming 2049.

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