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Shaun Kirigaya "building something fantastic at Leafa": Yuma Chitose

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Suguha Kirigaya, the provost at Leafa College, and the college's Executive Director of Sports and Fitness, Yuma Chitose.

Shaun Kirigaya "building something fantastic at Leafa": Yuma Chitose

By Gil Rivas
The Daily Magi
October 7, 2049

The Leafa College Spirit American Football Club are the newest addition to the New South Wales Gridiron Football League in Australia. Their head coach is former Mitakihara Magi linebackers coach Shaun Kirigaya, and the attitude is winning games big. Thanks to Coach Kirigaya, there is a strong interest in gridiron in the nation's capital, and the Executive Director of Leafa College Sports and Fitness, Yuma Chitose, is excited about the hire.

"When we hired Shaun, we knew we were hiring a winner," Chitose said, watching practice at Mandawuy Yunupingu Field, the home of Leafa's gridiron, athletics and soccer teams. "He loves Australia, its hospitality and its friendliness. Shaun is the type of person you can have a beer with or watch NRL with. He's that approachable.

"When he assembled the coaching staff here at Leafa College, he had the best of everyone from New South Wales and Queensland. Jeff Ogborne, formerly the head coach at Sydney Uni, is now the offensive coordinator, while Rick Diporse, the former head coach of the Gold Coast Stingrays, is the defensive coordinator. Our offensive coaches are NSW-based, while our defensive coaches are Queensland-based."

"With that in mind, we have been able to pull out some impressive results, and that comes with recruiting the best out there. We heavily recruit players in the Pacific, Japan, Korea and even in Germany. We started the season with a 70-3 victory over the Bondi Raiders in Week 1, a 63-7 win over the Central Coast Sharks in Week 2, a 52-21 run-up over the Newcastle Cobras in Week 3, a 45-10 demolition over the Northwestern Predators in Week 4, a 42-0 shutout of the Penrith City Outlaws in Week 5 and a 77-10 slamming of the Sutherland Seahawks in Week 6.

"This week, we face Sydney Uni for the very first time, and there is a trophy up for grabs: the Friendship Shield. It's a shield that has the logo of the Sydney Lions on one end and the crest of the Mitakihara University System on the other. We will be facing them on the ninth this month, and tickets have been sold out. The bookies have as an overwhelming favorite, but Coach Kirigaya knows that oddds mean nothing and he will get the players focused.

"My hope is that we end up winning the national championship on Australia Day if we end up winning the Gridiron NSW title. I want this to be the start of our own dynasty, of our own tradition here at Leafa College. Hopefully, it will inspire our teams to also perform and win championships too, and lift their Spirit higher."

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