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Arita upstages seniors as Madoka roll by Hawai'i

Arita upstages seniors as Madoka roll by Hawai'i

By Sakura Honda
The Daily Magi
November 12, 2050

No question, Magia Day 2050 on the campus of Mitakihara University in Mitakihara Town, B.C. did well to salute the Class of 2051. However, all those seniors were upstaged by one freshman: quarterback Haruyuki Arita. The Pig passed for 954 yards and 16 touchdowns while rushing for 398 yards and seven more scores as Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi blew past the Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors, 255-63.

Because all of the 255 points were scored in the first half, no points were recorded from the Magi in the second half as an NCAA-mandated act of sportsmanship.

"Haruyuki wanted to be the star today; he's a greedy pig," said Coach Kaname of his ace. "We were glad that he didn't injure himself against the Warriors today and we were able to sub him out in the first half. Not very often do we hang 255 points on an opponent, but we did it because we have our eyes set on another 2000-point season from our offense.

"I was also sweating on Jeff Nakazawa's condition because he suffered turf toe. Thankfully it was nothing too bad; he was able to finish his half of football with no problems. Jeff and the defense also did well with the sacks and interceptions. The one issue I have with this team is the propensity to fumble against any given opponent on any given day. We need to do a much better job at holding on the football and being smarter with it because that gets on my bad side more often than not."

Perhaps the head coach of the Warriors summed it all up for Haruyuki's Heisman chances. "If that Arita guy doesn't win the Heisman after the ass-kicking he gave us," he said, "I'm quitting at the end of this season."

Backup quarterback Nic Johnson passed for 201 yards and three touchdowns while rushing for 146 yards and three more scores. Halfback Rob Wade ran for 259 yards and five majors, halfback Tommy Washington ran for 137 yards and five touchdowns and fullback John Nelson rushed for 58 yards and three more scores. Also with a touchdown on the ground were halfback Marques Murray and backup quarterback Brendan Lewis.

Wide receiver Takumu Mayuzumi caught six passes for 241 yards and four touchdowns to lead the receivers. Wideout Trey Lester caught seven passes for 211 yards and thre scores, wideout Kelvin Sanders caught five passes for 200 yards and three majors, Washington caught five passes passes for 102 yards and three more touchdowns and wideout Reggie McFadden had four catches for 125 yards and two scores. Four other players also had a touchdown catch.

Sanders, in particular, led the blockers with 20 pancakes while wideout Timothy Fernando added 13 pancakes. Cornerbacks Charles Green and Shedrick Johnson had eight interceptions each to lead the defense. Right end Brian Brown anchored the pass rush with seven sacks while junior free safety Brian Robinson led in tackles with 11.

Mitakihara improve to 10-0 and are expected to be ranked at least No. 3 in the next rankings following No. 1-ranked Washington's 31-28 defeat to Oregon State today. The Magi will hit the road for a couple of matches, starting next week against Utah State. 

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